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English diplomats were going to name in honour of Benedict XVI condoms

to Spend the night in municipal apartment in remote small town near Manchester, pokuvyrkatsja with children for propagation of a healthy way of life, to sing a duet with the queen, to take part in opening of clinic of abortions and to bless unisex marriages.

Here that it would be offered to make to Pope Benedict XVI during its historical visit planned for September to Britain, happen to the ideas offered by the official of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be realised.

Besides all aforesaid it was planned to suggest to begin to Vatican under its aegis manufacture of condoms of a brand Benedict . Among persons who were designated in the document as the most influential for a meeting with the Pope, queen Elizabeth II, head of oppositional conservatives David Cameron and eks - the prime minister of Britain Tony Blair have been named. Thus the name of the Scottish housewife, a teleshow star on gathering of singing talents of Susan Boyle appeared as more preferable to a meeting with Benedict XVI, rather than a name of archbishop Westminster Vincent Nikolsa.

the Scandalous document which has become on Sunday by property of publicity, has been composed in the beginning of March by the private soldier on a rank official Forin - office in a course brain storm with its colleagues participating in planning of visit of the pontifex to Albion. A certain graduate of the Oxford university 20 with small drove years old a feather on a paper. Further this product under the working name Ideal visit would be such... it has been directed on consideration of the higher heads. On the document there was thus a mark: Please, do not disclose, it should not be sent the third parties...

the Third parties nevertheless as it frequently happens in Britain, have appeared - taki nearby and umyknuli product midovskih officials in a Sunday weekly journal Sandi telegraph . Scandal izvergnulsja the Icelandic volcano, having brought down heaps ashes on heads of the cut a poor figure British management. The minister inostrannnyh affairs of the United Kingdom David Milibend, having learnt about the program Ideal visit according to sources close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was horrified. However, he has learnt about it, it is natural, earlier, rather than the document has been published, and office investigation already with might and main went in bowels of foreign policy department. The cheerful young officials trying oskandalit head Rimsko - Catholic church, were are translated for other work as well as their certain chief who has not shown due vigilance.

However it business has not come to an end. The ambassador of the United Kingdom in Vatican Frensis Kempbell has met the higher dolzhnostymi persons of the Most holy throne and on behalf of the government has expressed a regret in connection with incident. The same apologies has brought on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the representative of foreign policy department of Great Britain.

Owing to loud scandal with Catholic priests - pedophiles the church has appeared in crisis obvious to all. And visit of the Pope to Albion planned for the first time after 28 - a summer break, was expected in this connection difficult. It excited both Britain, and Vatican where were afraid of serious protests and obstruction to head Rimsko - Catholic church. However nobody expected that visit becomes difficult as it looks after today`s loud scandal to such degree.