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Deputies of the Duma have agreed for overtime work to ratify the Agreement on the Black Sea fleet

Deputies of the State Duma have agreed for overtime work, on April, 27th. Past Friday the lower chamber of the Russian parliament has accepted the decision about carrying out this week additional plenary session to ratify Russian - the Ukrainian agreement on prolongation of stay in Sevastopol Black Sea fleet of Russia.

It is supposed that this very day, on April, 27th, the agreement signed at a recent meeting in Kharkov by presidents of Russia and Ukraine, will be considered also by the Supreme Rada.

And at the next plenary session which has taken place on April, 23rd, people`s choices have approved in definitive third reading the governmental bill of reform of budgetary establishments, to which should not be transformed in independent to have an opportunity independently to earn money and to spend them under own discretion. The new law grants it this right. On full budgetary maintenance there are only state establishments are power structures, psihbolnitsy and leprozorii. All other state and municipal authorities will receive money from treasury only under the state order. New life for budgetary establishments will begin since July, 1st, 2012.

By the way, the accounting Duma session which has opened the past plenary week, a little unexpected image auknulos in the end of it. Duma United Russia party members Could not forgive vitse - to the speaker from LDPR to Vladimir Zhirinovsky its performance at this session where the main liberal - the democrat, showing to colleagues and members of the government a folder with the compromising evidence accused the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov that it transfers the big chunks in hands of foreign citizens, thus preparing for itself withdrawal ways . United Russia party members have decided to go a procedural way and have prepared the legal commission of the Commission of the State Duma on mandatory questions and questions of deputy ethics that it has estimated speech vitse - the speaker and has drawn the conclusions. Representatives of fraction of the parliamentary majority are adjusted resolutely. They consider that Zhirinovsky`s given performance has offensive character, extends the slanderous information and by that discredits public authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation - cities of Moscow . Also suggest to punish the leader of LDPR word deprivation for a month.

Meanwhile the State Duma has accepted in the first reading and as a whole amendments to the law on the federal budget, specifying state guarantees for separate branches of economy. The bill provides possibility of maintenance by state guarantees not only return of the sum of the credit or repayment of cost of let out bonds, but also payments of interests on credit. Under credits or the bonded loans involved with legal bodies, selected in an order established by the government of the Russian Federation, the volume of state guarantees increases by realisation of investment projects with 100 to 175 billion roubles at the expense of the means not used in 2009, and also under the credits involved on realisation of investment projects in the Chechen Republic, - with 10 to 15 billion roubles. New kinds of state guarantees under the credits involved with Rosavtodorom, - 3 billion roubles, by Incorporated aviabuilding corporation - to 46,28 billion, and also " are established; Oboronpromom - 21,5 billion roubles. Thus the top limit of the state internal debt on state guarantees of Russia increases for January, 1st, 2011 from 735,8 billion roubles to 787,1 billion roubles. Thus, the combined value of this debt will increase with 3301,8 to 3353,1 billion roubles.