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Alexey Kudrin considers the anti-recessionary tax on financial operations unessential to Russia

At the come to the end spring session of the International currency fund and the World bank in capital USA true restoration of global economy which is meanwhile accompanied by financial instability in many regions of the world has been fixed slow, but.

Arrived with official visit to Washington vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin not only has had time to take part in session of IMF and VB, but also to hold meetings with the partners in a format financial the twenty colleagues on BRICK, an Ukrainian vitse - prime minister Sergey Tigipko and also to meet the main American financiers - Minister of Finance Timoti Gajtnerom and the head of Federal reserve system Ben Bernanke.

In anti-recessionary toolkit Which was discussed during meetings of heads of the Ministries of Finance and a management of IMF and VB the program of economic reviews which will allow to reveal problems of each country, in particular, has entered and to do on the basis of this analysis of the recommendation about their overcoming. Development concerns other basic decisions co-ordinated the twenty in Pittsburg of approaches which provide responsibility of financial sector before tax bearers for the help received in difficult a crisis time from state budgets. It is no wonder that discussed questions of the party try to adapt first of all under the needs. In particular, advanced by a number of the countries idea additional anti-recessionary the tax to financial operations, needs consideration and is not necessary for Russia, Alexey Kudrin considers. The countries BRICK intend to carry out the analysis of it and other offers at the following meeting the financial twenty In South Korea which will take place in 4 - on June, 5th this year.

As Alexey Kudrin, at session of Ministers of Finance of the countries BRICK and session " has told; the twenty necessity of observance of macroeconomic restrictions and parametres and accurate decrease in a debt and deficiency at an overcoming the crisis stage was marked.

On fields sessions Russian vitse - the prime minister has held meetings with Sergey Tigipko and has declared that our country will support the program of Ukraine on cooperation with IMF, besides, at Alexey Kudrin`s meeting with the Minister of Finance of Greece the program of financial assistance of IMF " was discussed; zavjazshim in financial difficulties Athenes.

Questions of reform of main international financial institutions VB and IMF, especially regarding redistribution of national quotas and votes, it will be definitively closed at the following autumn session. Answering a question of the correspondent on redistribution of quotas, Alexey Kudrin has explained that, speaking about VB, Russia hopes that will lose nothing. But also about essential expansion of our share at world financial institutions speech does not go.

has taken an interest at the head of the Ministry of Finance as moves ahead American - the Russian dialogue on joining of our country to the WTO. work on this question goes, during current week we will continue contacts on this theme and we expect improvement of mutual understanding with the American side - Alexey Kudrin has explained. By data, on Tuesday one more will be connected to consultations on this theme high-ranking peregovorshchik - the first vice-president of the government Igor Shuvalov, and from meetings with the American partners rather concrete results are expected.

According to Alexey Kudrin, in the near future the USA and Russia intend to spend financial dialogue, and various questions become its subject: From macroeconomic and an overcoming the crisis to tools of financial regulation, and also the budgetary policy. At a meeting Russian vitse - a premiere with the Minister of Finance of the USA Timoti Gajtnerom have been specified also terms of this action: financial dialogue will be spent in May.

Meanwhile the vice-president of the World bank Phillip Le Ueru who is responsible for the Eastern Europe and the Central Asia, has noticed that actions of the financial authorities of Russia on overcoming of the crisis phenomena in economy had adequate character, and the policy of the Russian government on an economy diversification is the correct decision. Besides, recent placing by Russia of eurobonds, according to Le Ueru, has been spent extremely successfully, on the extremely favourable conditions also became a vote of confidence to the Russian economy from the markets.

It is remarkable that group economist VB on East - European and It is central - Asian to regions Indermit Gill, comparing the crisis phenomena 1998 and 2008, has underlined that in last crisis Russia has entered weak and left it even more poorly, and in present - Russia has entered strong and leaves it even more amplified .

At the same time both economists have noticed that the prompt introduction energoeffektinyh technologies is required to Russia, and for forward development of the Russian economy investments into an infrastructure, formation and improvement of a demographic situation are necessary.