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At explosion on a gas pipeline in Moscow one was lost and two persons

about 11 o`clock in the morning in Moscow have suffered Today there was an explosion around the house 64 buildings 4 on Dmitrovsky highway.

According to the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow Peter Birjukova, during time opressovki a gas pipeline - new buildings in diameter of 800 mm which has been laid in 2008, at giving of pressure of air in 12 atmospheres pressure has pulled out a cap. The column of a ground, asphalt and concrete pieces reached heights in 2,5 metres.

In   result of explosion one person,   was lost; traumatised from fallen   an advertising design which was brought down by an asphalt piece. The construction superintendent supervising works, and the passer-by expecting the bus at the nearest stop is wounded. By explosion, according to preliminary data, it is damaged also more than 40 cars.  

the Investigatory department on Timirjazevsky area of investigatory management of Investigatory committee on the city of Moscow spends dosledstvennaja incident check.

the Traffic on Dubninsky street which has been blocked after incident, will be restored on Monday evening.