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The public chamber of the Russian Federation opposes the General plan of development of Moscow

Public chamber of the Russian Federation has decided to address in Minregionrazvitija that department has co-ordinated the General plan of development of Moscow till 2025 as at present there is no coordination of the main town-planning document of capital with the federal authorities, member OP Marat Gelman has informed journalists.

the next 15 years which has taken place public hearings last summer, the Moscow City Council has already accepted the Main town-planning document of capital in two readings. It is supposed that the third reading will take place till the end of April. Meanwhile, round the project of the General plan of Moscow there are many disputes. So, according to OP the Russian Federation, the General plan does not offer the decision of key problems of a city: transport, ecological, protection of a cultural heritage, movement to a modern and comfortable way of life of townspeople. In this connection members OP intend to direct to the city authorities of the recommendation about the General plan as much as possible to consider wishes of Muscovites. Thus, according to Moskomarhitektury, after the analysis of the arrived remarks and offers the General plan project has received a positive estimation of Muscovites: more than 75 % of capital inhabitants have expressed in its support.

the Public chamber will address in Minregionrazvitija. As today we have understood: there are some ways - in the area of the public, a legal way and a political way. The first, in the area of the public, will approach in the event that we will find people - the experts, ready to improve the General plan. The legal way provides the reference in Office of Public Prosecutor and in Minregionrazvitija as laws on General plan acceptance " have been broken; - Gelman on Monday after session of working group OP on development of recommendations about General plan perfection has told. It has explained that the General plan which the Moscow authorities expect to accept in the near future in the third reading, has not passed the coordination with the federal authorities.

Also member OP has told that the political way is a reference directly to the president of the Russian Federation who, in its opinion, unique can put a veto for acceptance of the existing General plan. we will involve all three variants. As the crime over a city " today is before our eyes committed; - Gelman has declared.

At hearings of working group he has informed that conceptual claims to the existing General plan which will be directed to the government of Moscow are made. So, public men suggest to cancel voting by the second reading of the General plan in Moscow City Council, to develop special regulations for historical zones of Moscow, to co-ordinate the General plan of Moscow with the General plan of Moscow Region, to reconsider the sections, concerning transport and a construction of roads, and also to co-ordinate with the federal authorities the capital functions registered in the document.

the Head of scientific research institute of transport and a road economy Michael Blinkin, in turn, has noticed that in the General plan it is necessary to cancel the existing decision on building transportno - transfer knots which, by calculations of authorities of the capital, are under construction together with shopping centres. Also Blinkin has scarified the program of building of tunnels, as it very expensive projects .

According to Blinkina, in the existing General plan it is not presented any program on development of transport system. The centre use as a transit zone, there are no outcomes on periphery - Blinkin has told.

RIA Novosti news agency