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Alexander Hloponin: In Nalchik it is important to develop traditional directions of agricultural manufacture

the Plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in SKFO Alexander Hloponin has sounded in Nalchik a number of the offers, concerning basic spheres of ability to live of district.

republic Visiting, has reminded vitse - the prime minister, it is a part of its working trips on region in which result by June it will be socially developed - economic Strategy of development SKFO. The advisory council is With that end in view created, consultations of the ministries and departments of North Caucasian republics are conducted to consider features of each subject.

the General and priority for all district, according to Hloponina, are turistsko - recreational, agroindustrial, hydropower, scientifically - educational klastery, a building complex and manufacture of building materials. The first plenipotentiary named the fad, the card The North Caucasus, having promised that to business which will come to tourist`s sphere, there will be preferences. Not rieltory, and investors with real projects in the field of mountain-skiing tourism, sanatorno - a resort complex thus mean.

Estimating development of republican agrarian and industrial complex (where 84 percent of made production are a contribution of personal part-time farms), the plenipotentiary has expressed admiration in scales, however has noticed that it is necessary to correct a list made towards the private initiative of the hardworking population:

- it is strategically necessary to pass from personal part-time farms to large industrial volumes in this sphere. Though preservation of farmers, small commodity producers should be priority for an employment solution of a problem on village. Besides, it is important to develop traditional directions of agricultural manufacture.

Alexander Hloponin has suggested to develop an agroindustrial card of the North Caucasus with instructions of all capacities and labour forces of regions. In its opinion, it will promote more effective distribution of federal grants.

Integration of manufacture the plenipotentiary would like to see and in building sphere. Having noticed that it is impressed by housing construction volumes in republic, almost 90 which percent - private, vitse - the prime minister has underlined that along with individual building it is necessary to develop and mass building of habitation to increase its volumes.

At a meeting with students and teachers of Kabardino - the Balkarsky state university Alexander Hloponin has declared that leading scientists SKFO will be included into Council about a science and innovations which will be created in district:

- I want to collect skeleton of scientific elite which could help us here. And simultaneously to dispel myths concerning scarcity of scientific potential of caucasus.

it is sharply negative vitse - the prime minister has responded about the state order for experts, returning to practice of distribution of graduates - with such offer one of students has acted.

- you have a great thing - a freedom in choosing. At me the request to youth: lag behind you the state order. Go to a science, open round university technoparks, the service centres, new laboratories, - the plenipotentiary has advised. - and to us it is necessary to promote creation of new workplaces to guarantee to you this freedom.

and mnogokonfessionalnost Alexander Hloponin considers Mnogokulturnost as one of the main riches and competitive advantages of region. He has declared that intend to create wandering cultural capital the North Caucasus.