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Spaniards again actively struggle with frankizmom

the Prompt jail placement of known Spanish investigator Baltasara of the Waiter supporters have demanded Sunday afternoon there is no time party correcting in Spain the Phalanx .

On demonstration in Madrid they have collected only 200 persons who simultaneously thus have decided to celebrate birthday of the founder of party of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.

However in the evening of the same day in the Spanish capital other demonstration which totaled already some tens thousand persons has taken place. Descendants of victims participated in this march frankistskih reprisals. They scanned the slogans popular in far 1930 - e years: But pasaran! ( They will not pass! ) - Also demanded to stop prosecution of the Waiter and to condemn at last a mode generalissimiusa Ex.

the Waiter who has received the international popularity for excitation of criminal cases against Chilean dictator Pinocheta, head Al - Kaidy Osama bin Ladens and of some other odious persons, it has appeared in the centre of this political collision against the will. Several weeks ago little-known public association Clean hands in which political successors " have entered basically; Phalanxes has demanded to prosecute the Waiter that he has dared to begin investigation of mass executions which made frankisty over republicans in days of civil war.

Initiators of the claim against the investigator referred that in 1977 the Spanish parliament has passed the law on a general pardon for participants of that war, and, means, the judge who has begun contrary to amnesty an investigation, has broken the law. However, in 2007 deputies have passed the Law on historical memory on which created kaudilo the political system de - fakto admitted criminal, and of a victim frankizma received social recognition.