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The Service of apologies first in Omsk helps Siberians to adjust relations in a family and on work

It appears, the majority of people hardly recognises own errors, and to ask for them a pardon - the whole problem. Meanwhile the requirement to get rid of fault cargo exists at many. To help with it is a problem of the Service of apologies first in Omsk. The correspondent helped townspeople to go on the world.

the Working day here begins in 9 mornings. And - at once the first visitor. The man of average years takes off a coat and ozabochenno looks at the watch. Apparently, time at it just barely enough. It appears, Michael Ivanovich supervises over the Omsk building organisation.

- I have quarrelled with the contractor, - it explains aim the visit. - Has got excited and has lost the necessary person. To go with guilty the status does not allow. And time - just barely enough. Friends have advised to address to you.

Experts switch attention to the visitor. And on a table of the dispatcher phone calls:

- At us the prolonged conflict on work. What to do, mind I will not put, - the uneasy voice is heard in a tube. The dispatcher calms the subscriber and invites to communicate to experts.

- Businessmen quite often to us address, - the head of Service of apologies Vera Leonteva explains. - Not so long ago the chief of one of Omsk firms has publicly offended the bookkeeper. And it has then appeared that its fieriness became the reason of the tense relations in collective. It was necessary to restore a microclimate.

To me give phone number, and I call to an affected party to receive particulars.

- I have very much taken offence at the chief as it was wrong, - Tatyana admitted. - three weeks all from hands fell. And here as - that in target the on-door speakerphone has rung out. The female voice has informed that have come to be sorry on behalf of the chief. I in any way did not expect such turn. To me have handed over the letter with such touching and warm words that I hardly have not burst into tears. Moreover a bouquet of my favourite chrysanthemums. And me at once has released. Now I look at the chief absolutely other eyes. The person, capable to recognise an error, is worthy the big respect.

To be engaged in a new kind of the psychological help omichej has forced crisis.

- the Increasing number of people are afraid to lose work or at all remain without it, suffer financial losses, lose confidence, - tells Vera Leonteva. - Also vent negative emotions on members of household and colleagues. Recently even there was an original term office syndrome . It just about quarrels, squabbles and aggressive behaviour on work. It is necessary to do with it something...

Before to be started up in swimming on ocean of conflicts, omichi have studied experience of the next regions. It appears, similar services have appeared not so long ago in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan and gradually win popularity. Now new psychological experiment goes and in the Siberian city.

- As a rule, having spoilt relations with the boss or members of household, the person is sorry about it, - the psychologist Natalia Shvirst imparts experience. - And on the first step, especially when passions are heated, does not dare. But it is ready to make it with someone`s help. Here we also render it.

Recently in Service the inhabitant of Barnaul has called. Its close relatives do not communicate some years. a cat has run between them after unintentionally dropped rough phrase during telephone conversation. Close people so have not managed to reconcile them. And here to experts this problem has appeared on a shoulder. It appears, it is possible razrulit the difficult situation, even when at the heart of the conflict not divided inheritance lies. It is that case, when the onlooker sees most of the game.

For a month of work of service of apologies have already reconciled four ten omichej.

- the Overwhelming majority addressed to us - men, - is told by the secretary - Anastas Bernada`s dispatcher. - 20 percent have expressed desire with the help the intermediary to adjust relations with business partners, 80 percent - with the wife or darling.

To be to the offended darling in shape of the knight, according to psychologists, - a safe way to receive a pardon. I call to the heroine of unusual performance.

- We have quarrelled from - for any nonsense, - tells Nastja. - I worried terribly, and to take the first step pride did not allow. And here a call: Hello! Apologies from Andrey will accept? has run out on street. At first has seen posters on which by huge letters it has been written Forgive me! . And there was then Andrey. On a white game! I simply have lost a speech power and at once have forgotten all insults...

According to experts to reconcile the conflicting parties it is a lot of ways: the written message, phone call, a musical radio congratulation, unexpected a meeting, gifts and even serenades under a window. One of these days have in such a way reunited being in a stage of divorce of spouses.

- With each situation we work individually. 100 - percentage result we do not promise, but while clients are happy, - Natalia Shvirst speaks. - People about whom are sorry, well react to our joint efforts, start to smile and forget insult. The sensation is created that they only and wait, when to them will address with words: Apologies accept?

In plans of Service of apologies - to come into contact to the Omsk enterprises, including the municipal. In housing and communal services, on supervision of experts, today there is the greatest number of conflicts.