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Kirghizia will get the new Constitution on May, 19th

the Project of the new Constitution of Kirghizia is published today on a site of provisional government of republic.

According to changes in the document, the president of the country is the head of the state and the higher official selected for five years, and no more, than for two terms successively. Thus the president appoints the prime minister - the minister and members of the government. The parliament of Kirghizia - Zhogorku Kenesh, in turn, is a representative body which is carrying out legislature and control functions within the powers.

According to new edition of the Constitution by a state language of Kirghizia the Kirghiz language is, but as an official language Russian is used.

In the main document of the country positions which concern human rights and a freedom of speech will not change.

It is planned that the Constitution will come into force after a referendum. Offers and remarks under the project of new edition of the Constitution will be accepted from citizens, political parties and public organisations till May, 14th, 2010. Till May, 18th the working group will prepare definitive edition of the project of the Constitution, and on May, 19th, 2010 it is supposed to publish a definitive variant of the document.

RIA Novosti news agency