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End of restoration of station Majakovsky have noted a night concert

the Unusual night concert station restoration " has come to the end; Majakovsky after long repair. As the chief of a capital underground Dmitry Gaev has declared, now the station looks as what it was seen for the first time by passengers on September, 11th, 1938.

visitors gathered For solemn action to two o`clock in the morning of Saturday. Metrostroevtsy, stations restoring initial shape, capital officials, journalists and it is simple passengers... Turnstiles have solemnly opened and at once has earned the escalator. The station is shipped in twilight, only restored sconces in domes burn, highlighting unique mosaics (including 30 years closed more well-known the Red banner ) As the restored. Mystery to a celebration has added the Song about eternal Dmitry Shostakovich, executed by a chamber orchestra Gnesinsky virtuosos under control of Michael Hohlova.

the Nightingale Alexander Alyabyev, Rio - Rita Enrike Santeuhini, to Call love it is not necessary Dunaevsky perfectly sounded under the arches of underground station. and really, why underground not to make one of concert platforms - visitors exchanged words. The idea of the same concert was born spontaneously. station restoration went so long and difficultly that it wanted to note the termination of works as - that unusually - the chief of underground Dmitry Gaev has explained.

Video: Victor Vasenin

- the First project has been developed in 1987, - has continued the story the chief engineer of the project of reconstruction and station restoration Majakovsky Marina Belova. - But there was no money. Works only in 2005 when it became impossible to hesitate already, as " have begun; Majakovka has too strongly begun to flow.

Having opened bearing designs, masters have seen that the drainage system consisting of trenches and water taking away pipes, is completely destroyed. It was necessary to open almost all columns, to change facing. Even letters have not resisted a corrosion impact. It was necessary to work extremely carefully, after all station - an architecture monument, and in 1938 architect Alexey Dushkin has received Gran for it - at at the international exhibition in New York.

Restoration of facing of station too became a problem. Stone for station building delivered from deposits of Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan. Now their big part is thrown, it was necessary to reactivate by request of Metrostroja kare ry. Have simultaneously replaced all conducting of station - lamps with capacity in 138 watt on which then the station has been calculated, now simply does not exist. Instead of them have put power effective.

It seems that in Moscow one more tradition - on May, 15th when the capital underground will mark the 75 - letie is born, one more concert - at metro station " is planned; Kropotkinsky which Alexey Dushkin also projected. It will pass at night, and will play Kremlin - Michael Rahlevsky`s orchestra.

In turn on restoration there are three more stations - Novokuznetsk Theatrical and Ohotnij rjad . With which works while it is not known will begin.