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Volcanic ashes over Russia on Monday will not be

the Cloud of ashes which throws out the Icelandic volcano of Ejjafjatlajokudl, on Monday will close only a part of Iceland, some areas of Greenland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, over territory of Russia of ashes will not be, have informed in Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service.

According to the settlement data on 10. 00 Moscow time Monday, a cloud which is at height from a surface to 6 thousand of metres, it is expected over Iceland (except northern areas), adjoining water area of Atlantic ocean, jugo - east coast of island Greenland, the central areas of Norway, severo - the western and central areas of Sweden .

the Cloud of volcanic ashes over the Russian Federation is not predicted - it is told in the message.

the Data of a land observant network behind a dirt load condition of atmospheric air as of 05. 00 Moscow time on April, 26th show that in territory of the Russian Federation of concentration of the weighed substances, dioksida some sulphur and fluoric hydrogen in a ground layer of atmospheric air do not exceed maximum permissible - marks department.

To 16. 00 Moscow time Monday the ashes cloud, according to the forecast, will be divided on two parts and considerably will decrease. In a cloud zone there will be a south of Iceland and adjoining to the south of island water area of Atlantic ocean. East part of a cloud will remain over the north of Norway, severo - east areas of Sweden, the West of northern and central areas of Finland.

To 22. 00 Moscow time the western part of a cloud of volcanic ashes will remain over the south of Iceland and adjoining water area of Atlantic. East part of a cloud considerably will decrease, predictably, over severo - east areas of Norway and Finland.

Vulkan Ejjafjatlajokudl which eruption has begun on April, 14th, is in 200 kilometres to the east from capital of Iceland of Reykjavic. As a result of eruption in atmosphere the huge cloud of ashes that has led to closing of air space over a considerable part of territory of Europe for some days has been thrown out.

RIA Novosti news agency