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Started Russian - the French Olympic Games on the mathematician of a name the Farm

In a year of France in Russia start the unusual project which gives quite good chances to young talents. On April, 25th has begun Russian - the French Olympic Games on the mathematician of a name the Farm. Patronise the project which is spent with State Duma and Rossotrudnichestva support, a number of the large innovative companies, and also leading high schools of two countries.

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the Mathematical Olympic Games are spent to three stages. The first - correspondence: it is enough to children to be registered on a site www. UchiMate - matiku. ru and to take part in two online - rounds. The third - internal - round will take place on May, 30th in Moscow.

the Companies - organizers assure that will watch closely the further course of life of winners in the educational and professional plan.

Anatoly Shkred , the rector of National open university the INTUITIONALIST the judge:

- Winners of the Olympic Games will receive not only a prize - a trip to France, but also grants on free training in a bachelor degree and a magistracy of various high schools of the country and free of charge to study foreign languages. Unfortunately, the last 10 - 15 years were fashionably to study on humanitarian branches. The project Learn Mathematics! in which frameworks the Olympic Games are spent, and have been created to raise popularity scientifically - technical trades. And we see, what response has caused the project. Application forms for participation from all country have arrived: Tula, Tambov, the Kirov region, Kamchatka... In our opinion, the Olympic Games - good chance for the simple provincial guy to receive the ticket in the future . One of the reasons why we have decided to hold the Olympic Games in a remote mode, is just to give the chance to all talented and clever children, and also persons with limited physical abilities to participate in perspective action.