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Service in deprivation of Greece sovereignty parts is estimated in 45 billion euro

Greece within the next two weeks, most likely, will receive the first financial assets from the International currency fund (IMF) within the limits of the program of external loans. The size of this help will make to 15 milliardrov euro under approximately 3 annual interest rates. However, according to experts, it the country exhausted with debts will not rescue.

On Saturday of IMF has received from Greece inquiry about the conclusion of the special agreement which will give the chance to the country to receive the stabilisation demand line of credit. Simultaneously Athenes has addressed to the European Union with the request to activate the extreme program of EU on the financial help of Greece at the rate about 30 billion euro. The basic payments, predictably, should give Berlin and Paris having the greatest financial and political weight in the European Central Bank.

From - for our budgetary deficiency were EU and IMF and have put us under supervision. It not simply supervision, and the guardianship form if to tell simply and frankly. It is very unpleasant - the Greek prime minister - minister Georgios Papandreu has hastened to declare on Saturday. As he said, the country authorities do everything again to receive independence and freedom, to release Greece from such supervision .

On this extreme step the government of Greece has gone shortly after it became clear that it cannot refinansirovat the 300 - a milliard debt by market loans. In the meantime the international agency Moody s has lowered a sovereign rating of Greece and has called into question possibility of Athenes to avoid a default. And after this the world financial markets have lifted cost 10 - summer loans for Greece above 9 annual interest rates.

Prime minister Papandreu lays all blame for present position on the right-centrist government, which rule in this country since 2004. As he said, the socialists who have come to power in 2009, have found Greece overloaded with loans, with a huge budgeted deficit and huge debts . Our country was similar to the shop which owner constantly borrows money at neighbours and spends this money for cards and entertainments with friends - the prime minister was figuratively expressed.

At the same time, according to London Fajnenshl tajms Greece in the nearest hardly can receive some weeks credit aid from the countries of a zone of euro of EU which is estimated in 30 billion euro under not less than 5 annual interest rates. The matter is that the decision on allocation of national loans should meet with approval of parliaments of some the European Union states. Meanwhile among the population of Germany and France, those basic potential donors of Greece, the discontent concerning allocation enough great sums " grows; to drowning Athenes . In Germany, for example, believe that at first it is necessary to find out, how much the situation in Greece threatens stability of an eurozone. And then to make the decision on allocation to it of the financial help.

the European experts even more often express about that credits from EU and IMF for a total sum in 45 billion euro only will delay sentence execution - a default threatening to this South European country. And this money can not suffice even for intermediate term stabilisation of a financial position of Greece. Known economist Domeniko Lombardi asserts that this multi-billion package of the help will suffice Athenes at the best only for six months. Then inevitably it is necessary to Greece to include the mechanism re-structurings of the external debts. However the Minister of Finance of the country Georgios Papakonstantinu already has let know that Greece is not going to re-structure the 300 - a milliard debt, despite hearings actively circulating in Europe. In turn financier George Soros who has become famous for the currency transactions, warns that Greece risks to get in a stranglehold as the package of the financial help offered by the EU countries has too high loan percent for the promised credits . The situation becomes complicated also that the IMF never rendered earlier to the help to the countries which enter into an euro zone.