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South Korea will tell Russia about patrol ship causes of death CHhonan

Official Seoul intends to inform Russia, to China and Japan and results of investigation of causes of death of the patrol ship CHhonan .

we Will remind that the patrol ship of Naval Forces of South Korea CHhonan displacement of 1200 tons has sunk, having broken up in two, in the night from 26 for March, 27th in water area of Yellow sea near to island Pennyondo. 40 persons As a result were lost, six more are registered on missing persons. Under last version, torpedo attack became a ship cause of death. In mass-media of South Korea the opinion on possible participation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to this tragedy even more often sounds.

As soon as investigation of causes of the tragedy will come to the end, we will notify at once on results the interested countries - has informed news agency Enhap the high-ranking source in the government of South Korea. Among the states which will be notified, the interlocutor named the countries - participants of six-sided negotiations on nuclear disarmament of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea - Russia, China and Japan. Representatives of the USA personally participate in investigatory process, therefore they will receive the information on the channels.

the Official has thus underlined that Seoul also intends to ask assistance from Moscow, Beijing and Tokyo. Though he did not begin to explain in detail sense of these words, but experts are assured, it is a question of possibility of the reference of South Korea in the UN Security Council. The matter is that the basic version of a cause of death of the South Korean ship now is the torpedo attack made by the North Korean submarine. If Seoul finds obvious proofs of participation of Pyongyang to tragedy he will demand from the international community of strict measures concerning Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Support is for this purpose necessary from constant members of Security Council of the United Nations, including Russia and China.

According to agency Enhap the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and foreign trade of South Korea has already developed three basic directions of the steps in case of the proof of participation of Pyongyang. They provide the reference in the UN Security Council, measures on strengthening military - a political alliance from the USA, and also reception of assistance from neighbouring countries and the other states.