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The Ministry of Finance has suggested to increase considerably the tax to powerful cars

Since January, 1st, 2013 for prestigious cars capacity over 410 l. With. The minimum rate of the transport tax can rise to 300 roubles for one horsepower. For the others it remains former - twice less. And to regions will forbid to reduce the new rate the local laws, and here increase it they can. But no more than ten times.

Yesterday the Ministry of Finance has hung out on the official site the project of the federal law with amendments to the Tax code.

Besides, it is offered to increase five times average rates of the transport tax for powerful motorcycles (with engines over 150 l. With.), hydrocycles (over 150 l. With.), boats and yachts (over 300 l. With.) .

the Raised tax rates will not concern the vehicles made till January, 1st, 2001. Also it is offered to release sports cars and the motorcycles used for competitions from them.

In the explanatory note to the bill it is said that it is developed to execute the Basic directions of a tax policy of the country on 2013 - 2015 by which the raised taxation of objects of luxury is provided., As a matter of fact, unique luxury goods with objective and, the main thing, checked signs - capacity and age, - on which it is possible to judge the heaped up cars their cost. In difference, for example, from antiques. According to the expert, the lawyer of the company “ the Tax specialist “ Marinas Emeljantsevoj, rates of the transport tax will vary in different regions though it is clear that the greatest quantity of thoroughbred both powerful cars - and motor-means is concentrated in big cities. For comparison, today in Moscow, as in many other regions, the maximum rate of the tax on cars (over 250 l. With.) Makes 150 roubles, on motorcycles - 50 roubles. In the project there are new rates - accordingly, 300 roubles and 25 roubles. Thus, owners of powerful cars should double the tax expenses at least. So, owner Maybach Exelero of 2005 of release in 700 l. With. Will pay the tax in 210 thousand roubles instead of present 105 thousand roubles. For BRABUS - 640 l. With. - 192 thousand roubles a year. For Aston Martin 77 capacity of 750 l. With. The tax sum will make 225 thousand roubles. Chevrolet Corvette capacity of 628 l. With. Will manage in 188,4 thousand roubles. Ěercedes S 65 AMG, 612 l. With. - 183, 6 thousand roubles.

And if to consider that service of such vehicles - replacement of oil, brake blocks, a dry-cleaner and etc. - manages at least still in 150 - 300 thousand roubles a year as a whole the car maintenance will grow considerably. And here the fastest in the world a motorcycle of Dodge Tomahawk with capacity of 500 l. With. Will manage to the owner - to the Russian under new rates, on the contrary, more cheaply - in 12 500 roubles. Though now across Moscow for it the raised rate in 25 000 roubles is established. And if the city authorities do not have time to pass the new city law with higher rates, to owners “ abrupt “ motorcycles can also to carry.

By the way, the physical persons having such cars, in Russia it is a little. Annually in Russia is on sale about fifty thousand expensive cars. And quite often owners make out them on the firms to facilitate personal expenses on taxes, on car service. It already pays for all the company. In opinion Emeljantsevoj, such schemes can type popularity. But the tax and in this case remains big. And to regional budgets in which all transport gathering leaves, these schemes in general in any way do not disturb. They anyway will receive the.