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The program of the All-Russia political party Party of free citizens

It is accepted at constituent congress on May, 21st, 2012

We, free citizens of the Russian Federation, we unite and we create political party for the purpose of declaration and upholding of constitutional laws and freedom of the person and the citizen.

For us it is right also freedom fixed in the Organic law of the country, are not simply words, and democratic ideals to which the Russian society in the progressive development should aspire.

We support equality of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen irrespective of a floor, races, nationalities, language, an origin, property and official position, a residence, the relation to religion, belief, an accessory to public associations, and also other circumstances.

We against any forms of restriction of the rights of citizens to signs of a social, racial, national, language or religious accessory.

the Constitution of the Russian Federation makes a basis of our public association.

We - modern Russian constitutionalists.

We intend actively and with the maximum advantage to participate in political life of the country, using all accessible lawful means and methods of party activity and race for power.

We will form public opinion, to be engaged in political education and formation of citizens, to express our position on significant questions of public life, to bring of it to the notice the wide public and public authorities, to put forward candidates (lists of candidates) on elections of various level.

It is published on the basis of item 15 of the Federal law About political parties .