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GVP answers: Pension to members of a family of the military man on the occasion of its destruction

the Question:

At me the son in the Chechen war in 1996 was lost. It is awarded the order Courage. I receive for it pension, under the decree of the president should add pension, whether I have is right on an additive to pension?

Ekaterina Podrezova, Labinsk

the Answer:

In conformity of item 28 of the Law of the Russian Federation from 12. 02. 1993 4468 - I About provision of pensions of the persons passing military service, service in law-enforcement bodies, the State fire service, bodies on control over a turn of narcotics and psychotropic substances, establishments and bodies criminally - executive system, and their families on the occasion of loss of the supporter members of a family of the military man who was lost during service have the right to reception of pension.

On the basis of article 49 of the specified Law revision of the size of pension on the occasion of loss of the supporter to families of the lost military men is made in case of change of the sum of a monetary contentment proceeding from which, the pension to the most died supporter was subject to calculation.

Last such increase took place since January, 1st, 2012 after coming into force of the Federal law from 07. 11. 2011 306 - FZ about a monetary contentment of military men and granting of separate monetary payments by it .

the annual increase in the size of pension at two or more percent and depending on a rate of inflation and growth of consumer prices that is legislatively established way of indexation of the size of pensions Is provided.

Besides, the size of pension can raise separate decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.