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Inspectors of Rostransnadzora will check pilots on sobriety

Inspectors of Rostransnadzora before a departure will check crewmen of the plane if there is a suspicion that they took alcoholic drinks or drugs. And to direct on physical examination. Such right can give them the governmental order which project has prepared Ministry of Transport. The document is published on a site of the ministry for public discussion. It will last till July, 23rd.

Now Rostransnadzor can check only planes. New powers of department, experts consider, will lower risk of aviaincidents from - for the human factor. Crew before flight check and now, but any time they are in the airport and, as they say, everyone can happen.

Besides, to inspectors of Rostransnadzora can confer to check powers city buses and minibuses on road service stations, autostations and at final stops. They also can pass on a municipal transportation with audit, and in case of infringements of rules of transportation of passengers and luggage to make a complaint to the autoenterprise. Inspectors will check quality service in trams and trolley buses.  

Now, have noted in Rostransnadzore, the right to check vehicles on the move traffic polices and customs bodies have. And Rostransnadzor can examine buses and cars only on the international routes. As to control for suburban and long-distance by buses their check at final stops and road service stations can charge to Agency of motor transport recently created at Ministry of Transport (Rosavtotrans), has not excluded a source in department. But while in the project of the document and this duty is fixed to Rostransnadzorom.