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The number grows in the world needing the humanitarian help

Management of the Supreme commissioner of the United Nations on affairs of refugees has extended the information that for the last half a year the quantity of the people needing the humanitarian help, has grown for 20 percent. Now their quantity is made 62 million by person.

According to the assistant to the secretary general of the United Nations on humanitarian questions Valeri Amos, inhabitants of 20 countries are in great need in the help. These are those countries which have suffered from confrontations, acts of nature and hunger. Half a year back quantity of the people needing the help, made 51 million person.

especially hard the situation develops in a zone of Sahelja (tropical savanna in Africa). There starve about 18 million persons. There are heavy conditions in Mali and Southern Sudan. There all arrive refugees from Libya.

Amos has urged the countries - to carry out donors of the obligations on the financial help. 45 percent from the planned means already have arrived. As transfers ITAR - the TASS till the end of the year needs to be collected 4,8 billion dollars more.