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Jurymen of Moscow City Court recognised the official innocent in bribe reception

the Board of jurymen of Moscow City Court recognised the large capital official innocent in illegal reception of 13,5 million roubles.

And the first variant of the decision of jurymen which has been taken out after more than three hours of session, did not suit the judge. To eliminate discrepancies, they have returned to a consultative room. After the foreman of board has transferred results of voting repeatedly, judge Elena Guchenkova has informed that on all three episodes of bribery Dyomin is justified - for its innocence have expressed 10 of 12 jurymen.

the Sentence to the former assistant to the head of department housing - municipal services and an accomplishment of Moscow to Sergey Dyomin who under the version of the investigation promoted extortion of mullions-strong bribes, is not taken out yet, but under the law it should be justificatory.

State charge has not proved its participation in reception of recoils. At the same time the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has declared that results of proceeding will be appealed against.

In materials of business which were investigated on court, it is written down that, working as the deputy chief of central administrative board Santehraboty Dyomin has organised system of extortion and reception of so-called recoils.

It is a question of the businessmen concluding contracts on service of public toilets. They ostensibly paid on 25 percent from the sums which have been written down in contracts. And the chief of State Unitary Enterprise " signed these contracts from the state; Santehraboty Sergey Fedosov.

On versions of the investigation, appointment of this official to a post prollobiroval ostensibly all the same Dyomin. And ostensibly recoils received through Fedosov, working already as the chief of State Unitary Enterprise ZHilishchnik .

Dyomin has been caught red-handed while received from the colleague a half-million of roubles. And Fedosov already by this time conducted field investigators. But on court the payee has managed to prove that it was the debt which to it at last - that have returned.

Dyomin`s Protection insisted that as ZHilishchnik had no relation to toilets and to pay to its head there was nothing.

the money transferred by Fedosov, they also named debt returning. And indications of businessmen - ogovorom.