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Today preliminary hearings on business Pussy Riot

the Hamovnichesky court of Moscow has started consideration of criminal case against participants the punk - groups Pussy Riot . They are accused of hooligan actions in the Temple of the Christ of the Savior.

the Volume of materials of this criminal case has made 8 volumes. Hope of Tolokonnikova, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alekhin are accused as regards 2 articles 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. In the bill of particulars it is written down that all figurantki, and together with unstated a consequence persons against whom also there is a separate criminal case, on arrangement and on motives of religious hatred and enmity concerning any social group in the form of realisation of provocative and offensive actions in a religious building with attraction of attention of a wide range of believing citizens have made hooliganism.

Law enforcement bodies have strengthened security measures in 7 - m the Rostov lane in Moscow where there is a court building. The street has been blocked for a traffic. Citizens could pass through a protection, only having explained the visit purpose. In the street there were some police buses. Journalists have passed in a court building under documents. Session passed in the closed mode, as well as it is necessary under the law at preliminary hearings. Therefore representatives of mass-media on process have not admitted. And in the street there was a group of support of defendants.

we Will remind that on February, 21st, 2012 participants of group Pussy Riot being in a premise of the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church - a temple of the Christ of the Savior, Putting a considerable loss to sacred values of Christian service and encroaching on sacramentality of church sacrament, without reacting to appeals svechnitsy a temple to stop sacrilege, have illegally got into the fenced part of a temple intended for fulfilment of sacred religious practices, than with blasphemous image have humiliated century foundations of Russian Orthodox Church .

Wishing to put deeper spiritual wounds to orthodox Christians, having taken place on a height before an iconostasis in an altar part of a temple, having risen on the special place intended for reading of the text of the Scriptus, pronouncing of church prayers and sermons, accomplices have removed from themselves outer clothing and remained in the extremely obscene for a similar place a kind it is told in the bill of particulars.

Thus, according to inspectors, they have put on masks the persons defiantly a bright colouring. Then Samutsevich has uncovered an electroguitar, and Tolokonnikova has included a soundtrack with in advance prepared song offensive and bogohulnogo maintenances for orthodox believing citizens. Continuing rough infringement of a public order, according to investigatory department, girls within a minute cried out abusive phrases and the words offending believers, and also jumped, lifted up feet, simulating dances and drawing of blows by fists.

State charge asked to leave under guards of all figurantok. The corresponding petition   the public prosecutor in Hamovnichesky court of Moscow has submitted. According to a state accuser, the bases on which defendants should be in custody, have not changed. The judge has complied this request. To defendants threatens till seven years of imprisonment.

Lawyers of the accused ask court to change the client a preventive punishment. According to defenders, they were going to submit three petitions - about an exception of last psihologo - linguistic examination and about appointment new. And also the petition for a call in court of witnesses of protection and of some experts.

Today preliminary hearings will proceed.