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The Ministry of Internal Affairs: Pseudo-bankers for last two days have enticed at orlovtsev 50 thousand

the Oryol police has raised three criminal cases under statements of inhabitants of region at which swindlers have drawn out all money from bank cards.

Victims of a deceit of a steel of the inhabitant of the Eagle, and also Livensky and Oryol areas. In all cases swindlers have stolen money from their bank cards though operated under the different scenario. Most of all means - over 30 thousand roubles, - they have stolen at the inhabitant of the regional centre. At first on its phone has come sms - the message that its bank card is ostensibly blocked.

- cellular telephone number on which it is possible to receive the information Further followed, - have told in a press - service regional UMVD. - the Woman has called on it, it was answered with the man presented by the worker of bank. He has told that to unblock a card, it is necessary to enter a code in a cash dispense.

the Trustful woman has carried out the instruction, and has been extremely surprised, when all money from its card have left on certain telephone number. And the bank after the card has become empty, really has blocked it. The police has already found out that money orlovchanka has translated on number of a mobile phone registered in the Kurgan region.   next day the inhabitant of the Oryol area at whom from a card have disappeared more than 10 thousand roubles has been in a similar way deceived. And the pensioner from district Livny has lost 5,5 thousand, but have deceived her in another way.

- In sms - the message swindlers have stated history that the bank ostensibly changes pin - codes on cards, - have explained in UMVD. - And that money was not gone, it was necessary to translate them on the phone number specified in the message. After that to the client promised to send pin - a code that she could use a map further.

it is natural, pin - a code the pensioner has not received, and money has lost. In this connection UMVD has urged inhabitants of region to be more vigilant and in similar cases it is obligatory to call back in the bank.