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Rospotrebnadzor: On Orlovshchine every fourth cigarette

Employees of management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Oryol region is rejected have reported about results of control over realisation of tobacco products.

According to department, in the first half of the year it has been spent more than 50 checks of a trading network. In this time experts proinspektirovali over 63 thousand cigarettes, having rejected and having removed from realisation almost 17 thousand from them. That is, every fourth checked up cigarette has been rejected approximately. In total from realisation it is removed about 850 packs in the total cost in 25 thousand wheels.

- During checks infringements of requirements of technical regulations on tobacco production and the federal law about   have been revealed; restriction of smoking of tobacco, - mark in Rospotrebnadzore. - For example, in fifteen cases tobacco products were on sale at inflated prices, in four them traded on distance less than hundred metres from borders of schools.  

Besides, from sale have been removed more than 220 packs of cigarettes on which dealers did not have a declaration on conformity. Following the results of checks more than twenty persons have been involved in administrative responsibility, the total sum of the penalties imposed on them has exceeded 80 thousand roubles.