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Office of Public Prosecutor: In 2012 on Orlovshchine 44 facts of bribery

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Oryol region at the expanded session of board are opened has summed up work of law enforcement bodies of region in the first half of the year.

- the taken measures of organizational and coordination character have allowed to speed up work of law enforcement bodies on struggle against corruption offences, - the public prosecutor of the Oryol region Ivan Poluektov has informed. - the Special attention was given to suppression of illegal activity of officials - bribetakers. In first half of current year 44 facts of bribery are revealed.

One of most loud there was an excitation in the end of June of criminal case concerning the employee of an investigatory part on investigation of organised criminal activity UMVD. Him accuse of bribe reception in the large size: the inspector took at suspected 250 thousand roubles for The decision of a question on the criminal case termination .

All 421 criminal case of a corruption orientation has been raised in the first half of the year in region.