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In Priamure council of the radical people of the North

is created At the head of administration of Tyndinsky area Priamurja Council of representatives of the radical small people of the North which will defend the rights and interests evenkov, living in area is created.

According to the head of new structure, the first deputy of the head of municipal union Victor Gavrilenko, council included chairmen of ten tribal communities from Evenki villages Ust - Njukzha, Ust - Urkima, May Day.

Now in Tyndinsky area live about 780 representatives of this nationality. And their number is reduced every year. So, only for last year the quantity evenkov has decreased for 19 persons. From - for unemployments inhabitants of national villages become an inveterate drunkard.

it is necessary to notice that the state does not forget about the radical people. Last years grants for the maintenance of deer have essentially increased in Priamure, medical services are free of charge rendered to inhabitants of national villages, they are under constant supervision of doctors and social services. Nevertheless it is very important to know opinion of representatives of the radical people at decision-making at all levels. That is why in Tyndinsky area lay hopes on new council.

- Such form of interaction with evenkami will allow to consider their position at acceptance of this or that document in area. Councillors can prepare the offers in existing long-term target programs and to bring for discussion new projects, - Tamara Lysakova has noted the head of Tyndinsky area.