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The mayor of Nikolaevsk - on - the Cupid have suspected of abusing powers

Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory has elicited the facts of abusing powers from the head of Nikolaevsk - on - Peter Volynsky`s Cupid, have informed on Friday to the correspondent in a press - service of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

It is established that Volynsk in September, 2011 has concluded on behalf of a city administration the municipal contract from Open Company Dalremstroj which his wife headed. It was a question of heating main building between apartment houses and performance of works on replacement of pipelines. Thus the official authentically knew about absence at the contractor not only intentions to execute a condition of the municipal contract properly, but also real possibility for this purpose.

Further he without actual check has signed certificates about acceptance of works on which basis advance payments for a total sum more than 3,5 million roubles of which the firm has disposed under own discretion have been made.

- the Constructed heating main did not meet the requirements of statutory acts, its input in operation and was not carried out. Work of networks of a heat supply of a city during the winter period 2011 - has been broken 2012 that has led to emergency situation occurrence. Now normal operation of the given heating main also is not possible, - the interlocutor has explained.

He has underlined that the specified actions to the budget of city settlement cause a damage at the rate above 3,5 million roubles. Criminal case is raised as regards 2 articles 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Abusing powers of office .