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The minister of natural resources of Khabarovsk territory will make answerable

As have informed the correspondent in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, to governor Vyacheslav Shportu representation about attraction to a disciplinary responsibility of the minister of natural resources of region of Vasily Shihaleva for trustworthy information concealment about forest fires is brought.

- During check of efficiency of activity of the regional government and its officials on execution of powers in the organisation of suppression of forest fires the facts of an exception of official reports of data on a number of fires and reduction of scales of the areas passed by fire are elicited, - the interlocutor has told.

It has explained that the subcommittee under the prevention and liquidation of forest fires over which Shihalev supervised, some times made decisions on a conclusion ognebortsev from zones of ignition from - for threats for life of people and on a suspension of suppression of the centres. But thus the given ignitions were excluded from reports.

- So, the fire fact in 422 - m quarter of Tujunsky forest area KGKU " has been suppressed; the Urgalsky forest area on the area of 700 hectares, - the representative has noted a press - services.

In department underline that the deformed information does not allow to estimate a real situation and possible consequences, operatively to make decisions on maneuvering lesopozharnymi formations, application of fire technics and the equipment.