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Twitter Olympians becomes a traditional occasion for diskvalifikatsy

the London Olympic Games Starting on July, 27th bear unexpected fruits: as it was found out, the love of sportsmen to critical attacks towards contenders can be an occasion to disqualification and shameful exile from competitions.

last week the Greek sportswoman Vula Papahristu have excluded from national team structure for a joke to the black population of Greece. Tvit in the microblog removed now was it is considered racist, and instead of the account in Twitter the champion on a threefold jump has got page in Facebook where has immediately tested pleasure from dialogue with admirers, including Russian-speaking which name it damned rasistkoj . Russian-speaking users, obviously, have found out the reference to page of Papahristu in Anton Nosika`s magazine.

In a past week-end the burden of relay race of insults was taken up by the defender of modular Switzerland on football Michel Morganella who in the Twitter has called a command from South Korea whether concourse of numskulls whether herd mongoloidov whether whom is worse. The account of Morganelly in Twitter has been operatively removed, the football player has just in case organised carpet apologies at once before all people of South Korea, however was late - from its Swiss national team too poperli, and as promise in national Olympic committee, sanctions on it have not ended.

Otvlekshis from a sports theme, it is possible to remember May history with the domestic stewardess whom has not come to mind to involve mezhushnyj a nerve ganglion making comments on a situation with broken in Indonesia superdzhetom . Ekaterina Solovevu it is expected have deprived of a post and ranks, and the Internet - audience also it is absolutely expected has washed up eks - to the steward all two with superfluous hundreds bones. Finally the stewardess who has unexpectedly appeared to media - the person, was employed by a social network VKontakte . Notice that this history, unlike many other things, has rather happy end - anyway while Ekaterina consults with the new duties office - the manager.

to Dismiss for activity in social networks it is possible not only the employee concerning a low rank, but also quite for itself of the government official. From rather fresh: in March of this year with the formulation the behaviour discrediting honour of the state employee the federal judge from the Uhlan has lost work - Ude to whom has come to mind to lay out on the page VKontakte pictures that is called, the doubtful maintenance. To find these photos in the Network does not make special work, and many for certain will not find on them anything doubtful, but the term is the term.

In the USA with sotssetjami all is still more religiously - in April of this year of the American marine of Gary Stajna have dismissed from service (and in the United States the military service is it is rather honourable) for a post in which he has declared that is not going to submit to a supreme commander in chief of armies of the USA to Barack Obama. To fix success, in other records of Stajn named the president the enemy of America . Certainly, the glory has come to it quickly - the marine have accused of infringement of one of articles of the Code of military justice which directly forbids similar statements no matter where.

At last - in brief about affairs of bygone days. In November, 2011 worker Apple has lost the place for criticism of production of the company on the page in Facebook. In 2009 the policeman from Florida has been lowered in a post for the Internet - pohvalbu how he fine is able to beat arrested persons. In 2008 employees of one of crews of British airline Virgin Atlantic who on the Internet named passengers " have departed from work; cattle . The list of victims of own unreasonableness can be continued indefinitely - search inquiry on a theme to make absolutely simply.

It seems, anonymity on the Internet which so important statesmen are afraid are a myth. More precisely to be anonymous in the virtual environment it is possible, but the majority of the people, paid with work or reputation from - for any bukvochek on the screen have not tried at all though as - that to disguise sticking out of - for everyone the paragraph own asinine ears.