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Vice-president veba has promised to average business attractive credits

the International fund of support of business should earn in the first quarter 2013. About the purposes and problems of new structure RBG the trustee - vice-president veba Michael Kopejkin has told.

- That underlies idea of creation of fund?

- a fund Main objective - to give additional financial resources, to raise availability of investment financing basically for the enterprises of average business of industrial sector. According to polls, about 40 % of heads of the small and average enterprises complain of insufficiency of financing or on unacceptability of conditions on which commercial banks are ready to give credits. It is especially actual for industrial sphere where there is a serious rupture between requirements for investment financing and possibilities of mortgaging maintenance of such credits. Thus efforts of the state last years basically have been directed on development of small-scale business and large infrastructural projects. Average business remained practically without support.

- Why there was such situation?

- We actively finance small-scale business through the program of financial support of small and average business (MSP), now the support volume has grown to 185 mlrd roubles. But there is a standard restriction - the maximum size of the credit under the program makes 150 million roubles. And financing is direct from veba than one can less mlrd rbl., thus total amount of the project it is not less 2 mlrd roubles. Thus, in our toolkit at present there is a certain blank to which average business gets just. And now we work over that this blank to liquidate, considering that the fast-growing average enterprises of the vital country for economic development. They generate demand for innovations, create the new markets, have good credit history, but they have not enough means to finance those projects which they would like to realise.

- Financing of average business becomes a priority for fund?

- Yes, average business will be the basic priority. The fund will have possibility both direct financing, and target crediting of commercial banks. Thus direct financing will be given only to average manufacturing enterprises: in the form of long-term investment credits, mezoninnogo financings, probably, participations in the capital. We will support the enterprises of real sector. It is manufacturing industry, building, transport, communication. Demand for such financing is great enough. We conducted research which has shown that MSP industrial sector need additional investment resources for the sum approximately 900 mlrd rbl. a year. The considerable part of this demand is generated by the average enterprises. Perhaps, it not too is a lot of (total amount of crediting MSP last year has exceeded 6 trln rbl.) But it is requirement in long money with which it is the most difficult to enterprises to involve.

- whether the terms of financing offered by fund, Will differ from the market?

- We assume that conditions will be market. It can be reached at the expense of participation of foreign institutes of development, at which cost of attraction of financial resources more low, than at us. We count that at the expense of it it will be possible to give means for more attractive conditions than if they were given by commercial banks. Terms of delivery of credits will depend on a financial condition of the enterprise, its profile, the project and the chosen form of financing.

- you create one more structure - Federal guarantee fund. What purpose of its creation?

- Guarantee mechanisms are created to solve a problem of mortgaging maintenance of credits - when classical For example, in the form of real estate, it is not enough liquid maintenance. Such mechanisms are actively applied in Europe and the USA. So, resources of the European guarantee organisations exceed 20 mlrd euro that provides a covering of credits for the sum nearby 70 mlrd euro. Ministry of economic development and trade has during the last years spent the big work on creation of regional guarantee funds for MSP. These funds act as guarantors before banks in which borrowers take the credit. Effect only from this measure very serious. For example, if the general capital of guarantee funds across all Russia makes nearby 30 mlrd rbl. guarantees and guarantees it has been given out for the sum from above 130 mlrd rbl., practically 1 to 4,5. At the same time in regional guarantee funds there are certain restrictions as they, as a rule, cannot give a guarantee on volumes over 100 million roubles. Therefore small enterprises use guarantees basically only, and the sector of the average enterprises again gives.

We believe that the Federal guarantee fund will add that guarantee system of support MSP which has created minekonomrazvitija, with financing not only averages, but also large-scale projects. Besides, in parallel with creation of such fund we could carry out function of the coordination and methodological centre in relation to system of regional guarantee funds. It would allow to co-ordinate toolkit of guarantee funds with the program of financial support MSP, to introduce uniform standards of work of funds and to raise quality of supported projects.

- What size of the capital of guarantee fund?

- It will make almost 10 mlrd rbl. It will allow to give out guarantees and guarantees at least on 70 mlrd rbl. We assume that the fund will have commercial banks - partners. Granting of guarantees to the average enterprises - to borrowers of banks - partners - will be priority. But thus the fund can give also to counterguarantee banks on guarantees of regional funds that will allow to raise their capitalisation.

- When will earn fund?

- the Circuit diagramme of work of federal guarantee fund should be prepared till the end of this year. Also it would be expedient to co-ordinate work of federal and regional guarantee funds to the realised program of support of business. It is necessary to involve also banks - partners and the organisations of an infrastructure of support in system of granting of the guarantees, generated by funds.