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The court has arrested suspected of murder of the Muslim figure

the Tver court in Moscow has arrested three Muslim public figure suspected of murder, the citizen of Azerbaijan Metina Mehtieva. According to RIA Novosti news agency, the court thus has satisfied the petition of a consequence for election of a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment 28 - the summer inhabitant of the Orenburg region Vitaly Kalinina, 26 - the summer inhabitant of the Tomsk region Nikolay Ermakova and 26 - the summer native of Kazakhstan Alexander Savelyev.

we Will remind that 33 - the summer native of Azerbaijan Metina Mehtieva with koloto - rezanymi wounds of a neck and a wound of the person have found on April, 10th in Moscow at the house number 43 in the street the Second Brest. The capital police has found out that at the victim have stolen mobile phone Vertu, a purse with money and keys from demountable apartment. According to preliminary data, Mehtiev left the house in the nearest shop behind products and waited for returning of the spouse with their two-month child.

criminal case under article " Has been brought; murder “ which provides for criminals till 15 years of imprisonment. The day before, on Monday, on July, 30th, the consequence has informed on detention of three suspected of this murder. And, detectives have mentioned before that the alleged murderer has got to an objective of chambers of video observation.

It is known that Metin Mehtiev was born in Moscow â1978 to year. By training it was the aircraft designer. But since 2000. Worked in Islamic the cultural centre, headed the international department, and then and the device of this organisation. It organised annual celebrations on the occasion of the main Islamic holidays, meetings against war in Lebanon and Iraq, against the publication of caricatures on prophet Mohammed. Some years ago Metin has achieved that recognition that resonant murder of the Tatar in Petersburg which wanted to qualify as armed assault, has been made to a national sign.

After liquidation IKTS in May, 2011 Metin Mehtiev co-operated with various Azerbaijan public organisations. Approximately for half a year to  destruction married. On responses of relatives, was very light, kind extremely intelligent. His family is known in Azerbaijan: the father was the poet, mother works in administration of the head of republic. In a family it was the only child.

Have killed him rather cruelly, it is possible to tell - brutally: cut a throat. In mass-media it was informed that friends and colleagues of the Muslim public figure tend to the nationalist version of its murder. They asserted that there were witnesses of this crime. In their opinion, in group attacking there was a girl that is similar to handwriting of nationalists. As a rule, relatives killed consider, girls involve in draw of original performance. Ostensibly, “ black “ stuck to the lady, and casual passers-by have interceded. Well and it is absolutely casual, without wishing that, have killed.

Friends and close Mehtieva categorically deny the version of murder for the purpose of a robbery. As they said, Metin was a slender constitution, weighed almost forty kgs and that at it something to take away, at all it was not required to kill him - it was enough simple to push.