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The US president has appeared the descendant of the African slave first in America

the Historians who are engaged in genealogy, have presented the present sensation - US president Barack Obama has appeared the descendant of the first African slave in North American colonies of Britain.

Obama, as it is known, the son of the native of Kenya of the Barrack - the senior and American Ann Danhem. Its family tree on mother was considered the country typical for white inhabitants - its ancestors generally have arrived to America from Britain. On this line at the president is Irish, Scottish, vallijskaja and German blood that too not a rarity in America. During visit to Ireland Obama has visited small town Monigall, whence it came its ancestors where has drunk local beer in the company with distant relatives. Local sharp fellows - musicians have not failed even to combine in view of that a comic song: the Most important Irish   is a Barrack About ’ Bama .

However as it was found out now, among Obama`s ancestors natives from Black continent were not only on a fatherly line. Experts American genealogical the Internet - site Ancestry. com have tracked family history of the present president to the certain John Pancha living in the beginning of XVII century. It was very hard to make it - metric records in Virginia have remained extremely badly, them have damaged both natural cataclysms, and the events of the Civil war which very strongly have touched this staff.

Researchers have learnt that Ann Danhem on one of lines erected the sort to family Banch living in Virginia. DNA of its representatives specifies that among their ancestors there could be natives of Africa. And here scientists have dug out in archives present a bomb : at the very beginning of XVIII century one of representatives of family Banchej has addressed to court with the request to resolve a marriage on the white woman. He did not consider itself(himself) as the mulatto, as the majority of its ancestors for a long time were Europeans. The court has created precedent which then was in force many long years, - mulattos have been declared not only children, but also grandsons, and great-grandsons of Negroes.

Scientists have considered that this Banch just and was John Pancha`s great-grandson. That also has at all appeared a figure sign - the first African in North American colonies of Britain, sold in slavery. Virginia then only - arrived with other coast of Atlantic ocean British only began to master. For work on tobacco plantations they imported hired workers - including Africans. They were not considered as slaves, though worked under enslaving contracts. In 1640 black John Panch in the company of two other workers - the Dutch and the Scot - has tried to run from a laborious work, but has been caught and in punishment is turned into lifelong slavery. He, probably, also could not think that its descendant in the eleventh knee becomes the head of the state. However, before creation of the USA there were as early as more many years. Slaves descendants of Pancha did not become - he married the white woman which children under laws of colonial Virginia have kept the status of free people.