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The expert: the Situation in Spain will affect on the further dynamics of indexes

Pavel Emeljantsev, an analyst of Investment cafe

On Monday the Russian stock market showed considerable growth. So, the main index of a domestic stock exchange has added 1,6 % and has reached following the results of trading session of level in 1428 points. RTS index has grown up to a lesser degree, on 1,1 %. However to overcome an important mark in 1400 points it has not managed and it was closed at level of 1398 points.

it is necessary to notice that the increase has occurred against oil depreciation - one of the pivotal indicators for our market. Mark Brent has decreased on 0,3 %, to $106,1 for barrel. However it is clear that it is only time correction from growing with second half of June of quotations.

Leading American indexes DJIA and S & P500 have finished session of Monday practically in zero.

Today will be marked by an exit of some the important macroeconomic statistics. It is possible to note the publication of the data on unemployment in Germany in July. According to forecasts, here it is not expected any surprises. Indicators remain at current level - 6,8 %. I will remind that this value keeps already more half a year after insignificant decrease in December 2011 - go.

besides, there is data on unemployment for July in Italy and as a whole on an eurozone. Under forecasts they will make 10,25 % and 11,2 % accordingly. In both cases the negative increase in indicators at 0,1 avenues of the item I is expected I believe that it will not strongly affect the market as the data quite expected and should not provoke surprises.

performance of the Minister of Finance of the USA Timoti Gejtnera in the Evening will take place. Depending on tone of its speech and the made statements the markets can react both is positive, and is negative. But it is possible to notice that all speculators and investors with impatience wait for the slightest hints on the new program of monetary stimulation QE3.

In the Russian market it is possible to note the sessions of boards of directors of the Transcontainer planned for today, Holding MRSK and Tatneft, and also general meeting of shareholders Yenisei TGK.

As a whole the situation looks quite optimistically. Those who was not afraid to make purchases in June - July at the moment of a general panic, already now have possibility to fix on a number of positions quite good profit.

However, in my opinion, growth will proceed and in the near future. But, it is obvious that in many respects it will be connected with the potential permission of a situation in Spain. It is not necessary to hope for the prompt decision, but it is possible to wait at least for absence of deterioration. The market indicator is equal 6,2 points that shows high spirits of exchange players.