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Russia all lags behind world leaders in manufacture of ammunition

the State will allocate to 17 enterprises OPK 24 mlrd for batch production maintenance Iskanderov . It was declared by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at meeting on realisation FTSP Development of the defensive industry till 2020 . Also the head of the government has underlined that it is necessary gosoboronzakaza to pass at formation to complex contracts. However, GOZ hardly as a whole it is capable to break a situation in branch.

Problems at the companies working on oboronku, suffice. Main, according to experts, - one of the longest in the world of cycles of creation of systems of arms. From working out of the concept to an end-product passes 12 years. For comparison: the USA with the same problem consult for 6 years. This serious backlog which affects not only safety system, but also within the limits of all defensive export.

Except military aircraft and technics of air defence, Russia has not achieved similar successes in other directions. The most serious backlog is observed in the industry of ammunition and spetshimii. Export of ammunition is not present practically in general, - the director of the Center of the analysis of world trade by the weapon Igor Korotchenko is distressed. - this branch is necessary for supporting especially. Variety of the large enterprises boepripasnoj branches needs re-structuring. Now in competent circles the question on closing or association of variety inefficient boepripasnyh factories " is considered;.

In this connection there was a creation initiative in system of a defensive complex of vertically integrated industrial holdings. Practice shows that this way brings good dividends.

the Main problem which should solve today OPK, is to create a material basis for conducting wars of the future, - Igor Korotchenko considers. - The nature of a human civilisation is that that wars are one of forms of resolution of conflicts between the states. We are obliged to consider this factor. Besides, it is necessary, that the share of new samples of the weapon has made not less than 70 % from available park of arms .

As it is known, for the arms state program it is allocated 20 trln roubles. However not all experts support such scale system of financing in the light of worsening economic conditions. on the threshold of crisis probably it is necessary to postpone the enormous program of financing and reequipment of defensive forces of Russia, - the general director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov is assured. - already it is a lot of months successively foreign investments into fixed capital fall, therefore it is necessary to make absolutely weighed decision concerning a defensive complex as it will strongly affect deterioration or improvement of an investment climate, especially in a present situation .

However loading of the basic capacities of leaders depends on financing OPK oboronno - the industrial enterprises also. financing cannot be reduced not only because we need to be protected, but also because OPK is one of sectors of high technologies, - the member of Public chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Markov adheres to the polar point of view. - developing oboronku, we develop hi-tech manufactures. It is necessary to make so that technological workings out within the limits of OPK could to leave and in civil sectors. I will remind that the Internet was born as a part American military - an industrial complex, and now has huge value for all mankind as a whole .

Development of high technologies on base oboronno - the industrial enterprises - a way which there has taken place many developed economy. Russia has some such examples. Perhaps, one of the most sensational projects of this kind - GLONASS which cannot be characterised unequivocally as successful.

One more problem - absence of competitiveness of domestic enterprises OPK against monopolism occurrence in oboronke. Such not the characteristic situation for market conditions is generated by presence, as a rule, one large enterprise in each segment OPK. According to experts correct a current situation the state, at the expense of creation and support of an internal competition within the limits of one branch can only. But even state support will not help if to work at the enterprises there is nobody.

Today, as a matter of fact, there is nobody to do workings out, - the deputy director of Institute of the CIS countries Vladimir Zharihin is distressed. - Without revival of prestige of a trade oboronshchika a problem not to solve. Especially it is actual in present conditions. Frequently engineers such have no right to departure abroad, and in present conditions is a serious restriction for youth which chooses to itself a trade. It is necessary to allow for young shots to choose serious stimulus a trade with a signature stamp confidentially which imposes on an everyday life of the person of restriction .