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Increase to pension in August will receive 12 million working pensioners

Since August, 2012 pensions of working pensioners increase.

PFR makes individual updating - depending on earnings of each citizen and the sum of the insurance payments listed in the Pension fund in 2011 and the first quarter 2012 - go.

August pension continuing to work will receive already in the increased size.

In PFR remind: since 2010 annual recalculation of pension payments to working pensioners became automatic. People do not have necessity to come to territorial bodies of the Pension fund and to put in the statement.

On bezzajavitelnyj recalculation of an insurance part of labour pension addressees of labour old-age pensions, on physical inability for which their employers last year and/ or in the first quarter 2012 charged and paid insurance payments have the right. In the Pension fund have counted up that such working pensioners - more than 12 million, that is about every third.

In PFR specify that at will of citizens the order zajavitelnogo pension recalculation remains also. If the order or date bezzajavitelnoj for any reason does not arrange August updating, the pensioner can address in territorial body PFR in a residence and submit the declaration of abandonment of recalculation. Thus behind it the right to put in the statement for recalculation in 12 full months after appointment to it labour pension or from the date of the previous recalculation (updating) remains. After giving of such statement recalculation is made with 1 - go numbers of next month.