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The import share plodoovoshchej and berries to Russia will exceed 30 percent

According to the Russian Association of gardeners - pitomnikovodov, in 2012 the share of import berries and dikorosov, including mushrooms, in the domestic market for certain will exceed 30 % in view of adverse environmental conditions and in connection with Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization. Besides, the Russian Federation, being high on the list in the world on manufacture and export of mushrooms, continues to import the processed mushrooms (dried, vjalenye, preserved and etc.) . And a share of the Russian raw materials in this import - not below 60 %.

Import of mushroom production to Russia for 2011 has grown more than on 10 %. An import basis - tinned production - over 65 % of mushroom import. And from - for climatic factors manufacture of many kinds of mushroom raw materials and products of its processing decreases. And since 2011. Gathering, for example, veshenki that year in Russia was reduced in comparison with 2010 - m to 12 %, having made only 2738 tons. It is the worst result for last five years. But the average price of manufacturers on veshenku has grown on 6,7 %, having reached 94,2 roubles for 1 kg. This year, under many forecasts, the crop veshenki will not exceed 3000 tons that repeatedly below level of the middle 1980 - h across RSFSR. Falling of gathering of mushrooms - dikorosov is predicted and for field mushrooms, white, aspen mushrooms.

However, since 2011 import of berries and mushroom production from the CIS countries that is connected among other factors with formation of a zone of free trade of 9 countries of Commonwealth, including Russia grows. And also with the high purchasing and procuring prices on dikorosy in Belarus, the Baltic States and in a number of regions of Ukraine that stimulates manufacture and export of this production.

Climatic factors have affected rise in price of the majority of kinds of fresh and dried mushrooms - a minimum on 30 % in this season. Sergey Manuylov, the expert of the fruit-and-vegetable company Ziraks has explained RBG that one of the main reasons of growth of import plodoovoshchej and nature gifts - deficiency of storehouses and backward technologies of storage. Only in sphere of storage of loss reach 20 - 40 % of a crop. In addition backwardness of a modern hothouse economy: in Russia for last 5 years 180 hectares of the hothouses meeting modern requirements are created only.