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Proficiency of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation has fallen to 28 percent

Proficiency of the consolidated budget of Russia and budgets of the state off-budget funds for January - May, 2012 has decreased for 28 percent to a similar indicator of last year. About it it is told in the message of Federal exchequer of the Russian Federation.

Thus, proficiency has made 1 trillion 50,9 billion roubles.

Incomes of the consolidated budget have grown all for 14 percent and have made 9 trillion 189,8 billion roubles against 7 trillion 992 billion roubles for January - May of last year.

Incomes of the federal budget of the Russian Federation for five months 2012 have made 5 trillion 83,3 billion the roubles, the consolidated incomes of regional budgets - 3 trillion 278,9 billion roubles, the state off-budget funds - in the sum of 2 trillion 897,8 billion roubles.

Expenses of the consolidated budget grew more essential rates and have increased by 24 percent and have made 8 trillion 138,9 billion roubles against 6 trillion 549,4 billion roubles year before.