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The Ministry of Emergency Measures has denied the message on leak on a chemical factory near Bryansk

In GU the Ministries of Emergency Measures across the Bryansk region have denied the information on leak of six tons nervnoparaliticheskogo poison gas on object 1204 on destruction of the chemical weapon, located near to the city of Pochep of the Bryansk region.

On a site of one of the Moscow newspapers today, on July, 31st, there was apocalyptic, without any exaggerations, a message.

it Sounded with spelling errors literally so: “ on July, 27th about 9 mornings at factory on destruction of the chemical weapon at in/ ch 21225 “ pochep - 2 “ there was a leak 6 tone nervously - paralytic substance VŐ. For the obscure reasons (presumably - infringement of a temperature mode of storage) three containers on two tons everyone have been depressurized.

As local residents have told, officially about CHS has not been declared. We also do not know, whether the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures is informed on the leak fact. Under the decision of command of military unit professional rescuers, and contract employees in the form of an order participate in liquidation not (ensigns and sergeants) and officers - all nearby 70 persons. Decontamination (it proceeds till now) is made by groups on 7 persons, change lasts hour. Participating in liquidation tell that as protection frames it had been gave out gas masks of filtering type (though in this case are necessary isolating), thus the filter has been calculated only for 20 minutes. Complex isolating suits have not been given out (though in a part they are), dressed liquidators in an easy protective suit (L - 1). Two participants of liquidation have been hospitalised, it enters antipillboxes, now their condition is stable. Physicians took the blood analysis from other participants of liquidation, surveyed eyes “.

so big citation is necessary to show only: At illumination of everything that is connected with liquidation of the chemical weapon, the minimum professional knowledge is necessary at least. In the given text applying for sensation, incompetence - simply scandalous. And next time, if the author and something given to mass-media composes about destruction of fighting poison gases in Russia, the belief it will not be.

Has flowed out, in opinion “ local residents “ six tons Vx - so this substance is designated, instead of two capital letters - and two persons have been hospitalised. It could sound differently: there was a casual explosion of a nuclear warhead by capacity six hundred megatons - two persons have been hospitalised with an easy brain concussion.

The matter is that a deadly dose of fighting poison gas Vx for the person -   0,4 mg. It is enough one gramme for murder of two and a half thousand persons. Means, six tons Vx theoretically can poison mortally 15 billion persons! FIFTEEN BILLIONS!!! And here two persons have got to hospital, and at them “ surveyed eyes “. It even delirium of sick imagination you will not name …

However the given publication has caused the big resonance - in Pochep journalists, especially Bryansk have jerked, began to torture all successively: that was actually. And after all, do not result the Lord, there would spread and six tons Vx have started to evaporate, it would be necessary to run not in Pochep and as it is possible further from all Bryansk region. But press time there, means all normally.

That happens in Pochepe? There there was really a failure, and not 27 - go, and per day earlier - on July, 26th. The case of one of the deactivated chemical aerial bombs has sprung a leak. Some honeycombs of kgs of reactionary weight have poured out on a floor of tightly closed shop. The emergency has been operatively liquidated. Then physicians have carefully checked up everything which have appeared in a zone of leak of reactionary weights. Surveyed not only eyes.

knew about it, as they say, in a mode online. But to do from happened absolutely empty sensation to us and in a head has not come. Industrial destruction of the chemical weapon goes to Russia ten years. It is by this time liquidated   more   26 thousand tons of poison gases that makes an order of 65 percent from all stocks HO. Process this very difficult and expensive. The liquidation deadline of all OV to the USA and the Russian Federation was defined 2012 - m year. Now Russia prolonged the obligations to 2015 - go, and the United States to 2021 - go year.

To honour of our military chemists, at mass recycling of fighting poison gases in Russia any soldier was not lost from poisonings. At mass liquidation of usual ammunition some arsenals have blown up, the set of military men and civilians was lost, the damage is measured by billions roubles.

That such Pochep from the point of view of chemical arms? In the end of a XIX-th century in vicinities of this city the big warehouse for artillery ammunition has been constructed. In 1955 after all military fights of the XX-th century on this warehouse the aviation bombs filled with fighting poison gases began to arrive on storage. Has collected them   as a result a large quantity.   Here there was the biggest in the USSR an arsenal on storage of the aviation bombs equipped with the most terrible poison gases: sarin, zomanom, Vx. Total amount OV equaled to 7498,155 tons that made almost 19 percent from the total stored in territory of the Russian Federation of the chemical weapon. Aerial bombs were stored in an arsenal of Pochepa   in calibre 150, 250, 500 and 2000 kg.

In 2001 an arsenal have renamed in 1204 - j object on storage of the chemical weapon and have subordinated to Federal management on safe storage and destruction of the chemical weapon. In 2006 in object territory has been generated 24 - j a regiment (in/ ch 24024) liquidations of consequences of failures and protection.

In June, 2011 in Pochepe the basic works on industrial production building on destruction of the chemical weapon and   have been finished; on object have begun pusko - naladochnye works, and also it is skilled - industrial tests for real environments. After their successful carrying out the object has started planned industrial destruction of the chemical weapon.

the Essence of the Russian technology of destruction of the chemical weapon - introduction in cases of aerial bombs of special hydrolytic mixes which very quickly translate the same Vx   in the category toxic, but not so fighting poison gases. A technological problem that in the course of deactivation formation of superfluous pressure in the case of an aerial bomb and course of any quantity of reactionary weight outside is possible. That, probably, also has occurred on object 1204, and at all “ at in/ ch 21225 “ some days ago.

So Pochep, all Bryansk region, all Russia and the whole world can live easy. Any six tons monstrous Vx did not proceed anywhere.