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The employee of a temple of the Christ of the Savior has accepted apologies Pussy Riot

the Employee of a temple Vasily Tsyganjuk, having listened to apologies of defendants, has accepted them, however has considered their insincere. As has explained altarnik,   apologies should be warm, instead of the text on a paper . On it informs RIA   News.

On a question of the defendant of active worker Pussy Riot of Maria Alehinoj, whether it accepts its apologies, altarnik has answered: personally it is not necessary to be sorry About me, it is necessary to be sorry about God . The defendant has explained that with pleasure would read the text with apologies personally, but had at that point in time no possibility. I have accepted them - V.Tsyganjuk has answered.

Earlier Tsyganjuk who since the childhood works altarnikom, has informed court that action Pussy Riot has strongly upset him. TSyganjuk has asked court to make the fair decision, however a presentation of material risk for the done harm and an insult of feelings has refused.

On Tuesday on session on business the punk - groups Pussy Riot could not get to Hamovnichesky court of Moscow more than thirty journalists. They simply did not have a place,   as the hall most part was occupied with relatives of defendants and victims.  

the First hearings on business of active workers,   which accuse of hooliganism in the Temple of the Christ of the Savior in Moscow, were spent in the big hall where judge Victor Danilkin presides. Meanwhile, present session has been decided to transfer to the next hall, smaller on the size as at Danilkina hearings on another matter have been planned.

In this small hall was located no more than fifteen journalists from agencies, newspapers and radio stations. Continuation of interrogation of victims today is expected. Wishing to be present at session today was less, but, nevertheless, on an input in a hall there was a crush. In   communications with it are undertaken additional security measures.

we Will remind that yesterday active workers of group Pussy Riot have made to believers the apologies   that their feelings and ideals have offended. it was the ethical error that the punk - molebna we have transferred a genre to a temple. But we have not thought that will be offensive - it is told in Nadezhdy Tolokonnikovoj read by its lawyer during process speech.

the Inquiry

on February, 21st, 2012 five girls in bright masks have run in on soleju and amvon the Temple of the Christ of the Savior and by means of brought with themselves zvukousilivajushchej equipments within several minutes sang an obscene song and cried out offensive statements to clerics and believers. Responsibility for the action has incurred the punk - group Pussy Riot which has named an event the punk - molebnom . On the given fact the police has filed criminal charges under article for the hooliganism made by a group of persons. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, the participant of group Pussy Riot have caused a considerable loss to sacred values of Christian service encroached on sacramentality of church sacrament with blasphemous image have humiliated century foundations of Russian Orthodox Church .

In March on charge in hooliganism prospective participants " are arrested; the punk - molebna Hope of Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhin and Ekaterina Samutsevich. In June, 2012 preliminary investigation on the business which has received the name " is finished; Business Pussy Riot .

on July, 30th, 2012 in Hamovnichesky court the legal investigation in essence has begun. In case of a recognition of active workers of an incriminated crime the minimum punishment for them the penalty at the rate to one million roubles becomes guilty. The maximum punishment under this article - imprisonment for the term up to seven years.