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Greeks could not agree about reduction of expenses

the Greek politicians from a ruling three-party coalition on Monday could not agree about reduction of expenses on 11,5 billion euro as it demands a three the international creditors (Eurocommission, ETSB and the IMF), transfers RIA Novosti news agency.

the Prime minister - minister Antonis Samaras has accepted on the eve of leaders of two coalition parties, at a meeting there was also Minister of Finance Jannis Sturnaras.

We search for them - Sturanaras to journalists after a meeting in reply to a question has told, whether money for the promised economy are found already. As he said, experts three creditors who were late in Athenes after the termination of consultations last week, remain in the Greek capital it is so much, how many it is required .

If to trust in reason, marks an observer Greece will not throw in a trouble. To it will throw money ETSB, expressly or by implication, through a loan, maybe, not quite lawful that the default has not been declared, and Greece did not leave an eurozone. Thus the three of creditors will not give in to blackmail of the debtor, and officially any conditions to it will not facilitate. The financial help of Greece can even be formally frozen. That is a problem will remove in the future, perhaps will resolve.