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The book of week: Stories for reflexions Horhe Bukaja

the Book Stories for reflexion the Argentina writer Horhe Bukaja is represented by the collection of short stories and the parables which witty plots illustrate various properties of human nature, sometimes directly, sometimes in the form of difficult refined allegory.

East wise men, the European philosophers, despotic lords of the Middle Ages and our contemporaries - all of them play scenes from freakish performance under the name life . The expert on human souls of Bukaj as if the skilled director, directs actions of characters, highlights necessary episodes and places accents: here history about children whom one have appeared in the house when the fire has flashed. Phone does not work, the door is locked, the window is high over the earth and in addition on it of a lattice … But the big brother nevertheless rescues younger, absolutely the baby. How such small child could break a window and break a lattice a hanger?. How it managed to pass on eaves with such cargo and to go down on a tree?. There was nobody it to tell that it cannot .

Is in the collection and the mysterious stories written in style of Edgara On. The succeeding lawyer receives the letter from someone who lists it the sins which are not punished by the criminal code, not especially condemned by modern morals, but from the point of view of the sender inexcusable - has dashing swept by the magnificent car on a dirty pool, having sprinkled the passer-by, has offended the child, did not interfere to put in prison innocent … Who the author of the message, the secret fighter for justice? But why the impression as if the addressee has written him to itself is made? Go round pools on road that it was not necessary to enter into a correspondence to own conscience for life does not know corrections …