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The Ministry of Emergency Measures has denied the message on leak of the chemical weapon in the Bryansk region

On Pochepsky object on storage and destruction of the chemical weapon planned work on destruction of aviation chemical ammunition by a method of entering of a reagent in the case of ammunition is conducted, have informed in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Bryansk region referring to vrio the commander of a body of 21225 colonel Butovka and the first deputy of the head of administration of Pochepsky area Nikolay Drobyshevsky.

In mass-media there were messages that on July, 27th at factory on destruction of the chemical weapon pochep - 2 there was a leak of six tons nervously - paralytic substance on which liquidation have directed contract employees and officers. As an information source stories of local residents have served.

- on July, 26th at survey of ammunition in a warehouse of time storage depressurization of the case of ammunition has been revealed. The part of reactionary weight has poured out in the regular container. Victims are not present, - rescuers have told.

In Bryansk department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have declared that the system of ventilation and air-conditioning in a warehouse of endurance of ammunition works in a regular mode, constant control over air of a working zone and warehouse perimetre is conducted. Prevysheny maximum concentration limit it is not revealed, threat of life and to health of the population is not present.