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Low alcohol cocktails will check up on the maintenance of vitamins

Rosalkogolregulirovanie within the limits of technical regulations of the Customs union declared competition on working out of a technique of check of alcoholic cocktails on the maintenance in them of vitamins. Those drinks which will not answer the established parametres, can be withdrawn from sale.

Speech while goes only about the announcement of electronic auction on working out of a technique of definition of concentration of the specified substances (vitamins, ortofosfornaja acid), the representative has told a press - services of department Alexander Kulikov.

Term of working out of a technique - November, 2012, however about sanctions which will be applied to infringers, for the present to speak early - he has specified.

Representative Rosalkogolregulirovanija has noticed that while in Russia there are no certified techniques of definition of concentration of these substances. Auction, Kulikov has underlined, appears that they have appeared, and with them it was possible to work professionally within the limits of operating specifications.

As have declared in a press - service of National association of weak alcohol (NASA), there are drinks in which vitamins, and " contain; their quantity before technique occurrence was regulated only by manufacturers, instead of the state. Therefore technique working out - absolutely correct step which will be useful to development of business of legal manufacturers of these drinks .

Thus in NASA have underlined that serious decrease in quantity of low alcohol cocktails on counters after technique introduction will not be.

we Will remind that technical regulations About safety of alcoholic production accepted within the limits of the Customs union, limiting restrictions on concentration of vitamins are established. So, for example, the maintenance of vitamin B12 cannot be above 0,002 milligrammes on 100 cubic centimetres of a drink.

it is necessary to notice that low alcohol cocktails lately get the increasing popularity, however for the present do not apply for laurels of more popular alcoholic drinks.

it is valid, in structure of consumption of alcoholic production in Russia following the results of 2011 on them it is necessary only 2,8 percent. However growth is.

According to Rosstata, last year in Russia it is made 31,88 million decalitres of low alcohol production that for 5,7 percent there are more than indicators of 2010.