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Smoking does in the mornings the biggest harm to an organism - physicians

Smoking does in the mornings the biggest harm to an organism, scientists from the American medical college Penn Stejt confirm, informs MedikForum.  

It appears, the cigarette smoked in half an hour after awakening, twice increases possibility to be ill with a cancer of lungs, necks or heads.  

to come to such conclusion, physicians have conducted two researches.  

7 610 smokers participated In the first, from them 2 835 were healthy, and 4776 were ill a cancer of lungs. Doctors have found out that at those who undertook a cigarette at once after awakening, the probability of occurrence of oncology increased almost by 80 percent.  

In the second research physicians have analysed a bad habit 1850 nikotinozavisimyh - at 1055 from them was a neck and head cancer. It has appeared that at those who smoked within the first 30 minutes after morning lifting, the risk of a cancer of a brain increased almost by 60 percent. The same who began to smoke in an hour - two after an alarm clock call, was exposed to risk of disease much less.  

It is considered that:

- 90 percent of cases of a cancer of lungs are connected with smoking;

- smoking of 10 cigarettes in day reduces life expectancy on 2 - 3 years, 20 cigarettes in day - on 5 - 7 years;

- smoking women have for 60 percent of more chances to become fruitless in comparison with non-smoking;

- the risk of development of a cancer essentially decreases in five years after refusal of a bad habit.