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In Libya seven Iranian employees of the Red Half moon

In the Libyan Bengasi are stolen seven employees of the Iranian Society of the Red Half moon are stolen.

All of them have arrived to the former stronghold of the Libyan rebels on July, 30th for rendering assistance to the townsmen injured with armed actions. In the Libyan Red Half moon have confirmed the fact of abduction of employees of the Iranian division of the organisation. The western mass-media already named the given abduction by the loudest crime concerning foreigners since falling of a mode of Muammara Kaddafi.  

Representatives of the humanitarian organisation have been grasped by the armed people in city centre. It is known that after visiting of one of hospitals the Iranian citizens came back in hotel where have stopped. When they left the minibus, some cars have approached on a hotel building with the armed people in masks. They have shipped Iranians in cars and have left in an unknown direction. Thus the Libyan bus driver has not been stolen.

Thieves yet have not put forward any requirements. In police assert that it will be extremely difficult to consequence to identify criminals.

the Authorities of Libya have already addressed to thieves with the requirement immediate clearing of the foreign citizens rendering the sincere help to the Libyan people .

we Will remind that earlier in July the president of the Olympic committee of Libya has been stolen from the car in the Libyan capital Tripoli. It has been released in a week by unknown group of insurgents which have not put forward any requirements.