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In Volgograd on a place of Stalingradsky fight businessmen

In a building Volgograd TSUMa where the most bloody fight in the history of mankind has ended, businessmen till now trade.

Decisions of the courts about its transfer to state hands it is not carried out, and in   family Krivtsovyh relation, by roguish image privatising a world famous memorial of military glory, till now it is not raised any criminal case.

In detail to retell all   this impartial, first of all for local authorities and law enforcement bodies, a criminal drama from the beginning to the end it is not meaningful. Not so long ago in article the Volgograd fight in dollars in detail stated the historical background. I will freshen only short its essence.

in the Summer of 1992, on a wave of a cock-a-hoop and disintegration of the state, historical building TSUMa in Volgograd was at first aktsionirovano, and then and is completely privatised by a local family of Krivtsovyh. The grown rich nouveau riches have used a situation and as now has finalised court, is injust   have appropriated a monument which had and has under all documents the status especially valuable, not subject on an iota,   on the handle of a door of any privatisation.

Terupravlenie Rosimushchestva, public organisations and local Office of Public Prosecutor have passed more than hundred courts to return Central Department Store in state property and to transfer it in memorial estate conducting Stalingradsky fight . But to prove the claims for a building, Krivtsovy have dared to copy history, having presented proofs that Pauljusa have captivated not in TSUMe, and a building of local executive committee. Here the alarm was hammered by veterans.   Three direct witnesses of process of capture of the field marshal have convicted of a local press of businessmen. In the answer director TSUMa Valery Krivtsov and the certain Natalia Pokusova trading in a building of department store by souvenirs have brought an action the claim   to veterans, having demanded from them on 10 thousand roubles on account of indemnification of moral harm. The deputy of Volgograd regional Duma Roland Herianov has in writing addressed to Krivtsov and Pokusovoj with the request to refuse the claim on the threshold of a holiday of the Great Victory, and also asked to consider age and the general state of health of veterans. The reference of the deputy remains without the answer. Business repeatedly went on judicial instances therefore ninety-year soldiers of the Great Patriotic War marked 67 - ju anniversary of the Victory as respondents.   already later judge Lemjakina, having considered the claim, has refused to businessmen their claims to old men.

And in parallel all these years were conducted fights in courts about a recognition of the right of state property and istrebovanii from illicit possession of private persons of building TSUMa. After five years of sessions the Volgograd regional court has made the decision - the building has been privatised with infringements, therefore is subject   to transfer to the state. The Volgograd governor Anatoly Brovko of that time has there and then made a public statement - trade in TSUMe any more will not be.   by the way, it has still reminded that the city chokes with shortage of the areas of cultural appointment, and besides TSUMa the area has lost   also a philharmonic society building, and a city museum of the fine arts it is located in a greengrocery building.

But even after such statements, Krivtsovy have not calmed down, having seized a supermarket death grip. In one of the periods of judicial proceedings on building TSUMa have been imposed obespechitelnye measures in the form of an interdiction for the order by property. But it was possible to Krivtsov through regional management of Rosreestra of any image to bypass this restriction.   in a final stage of process it became known that he has sold two floors of department store to own mother-in-law. 37 more sessions of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation that the final decision was accepted Were required: Central Department Store - exclusively state ownership.

But has passed its half a year and only after the publication in court enforcement officers have cleared of presence of businessmen a building cellar. And to the new governor of the Volgograd region from Management FSSP the information that executive manufactures on transfer TSUMa terupravleniju Rosimushchestva raised in already far February, 2011, are finished by actual execution in June, 2012 has arrived.

But not here that was. Court enforcement officers have deceived the governor. The department store most part on not and is not transferred the clear reasons for the state. There till now trade is conducted, and to the state from businessmen in a type of tax does not arrive copecks.

And at this time, investigating bodies continue to ignore decisions of the courts and continue infinite check of actions of a family of Krivtsovyh about possible presence in their actions of a crime.   any criminal case and   it is raised. And time so can then will file criminal charges on slander on the author of these lines? I will tell directly. That our national relic, marking itself not only end of Stalingradsky fight, but also fundamental change in all Great Patriotic War, has appeared a private shop, was possible only thanks to swindle, a deceit, forgery, I do not know to that else, but anyway, to criminal acts. No lawful methods for this purpose are present and could not be. But it is convinced of it   why - that only court, instead of law enforcement bodies.