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Process on business of Mirzaeva is postponed for August, 6th

Process on business of Rasula Mirzaeva postponed for the purpose of maintenance of a full appearance of witnesses in a court hall. About it transfers RIA Novosti news agency.

the Public prosecutor today has informed that state charge does not manage to find for a number of witnesses which either are abroad, or do not open a door and do not approach to phone, or do not live to the addresses specified to a consequence. In this connection zamoskvoretsky the court of Moscow will begin process on August, 6th. Besides, the court has decided to result the given persons on process under compulsion.

According to the lawyer of victims of Oksana Mihalkinoj, all to the charge party needed to be interrogated 19 of 47 witnesses declared by it. Then protection of Mirzaeva will start to represent to court the proofs.

According to the investigation, during the conflict in the middle of August, 2011 in the centre of Moscow at night club Garage Mirzaev has struck Agafonova who after that has been hospitalised and in some days has died, without regaining consciousness. Protection of Mirzaeva insisted on a training for a new profession of actions of the sportsman, asserting that Agafonov was lost from blow about asphalt at falling, instead of from - for actions of Mirzaeva. Mirzaev the death of the victim is accused of deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence. Business in the relation of the sportsman has been initially raised under this article, however then retrained on article about death causing on imprudence.