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The president has demanded to develop the program of repair and the nuclear-powered submarine maintenance

Installation of a mortgage board with a name Prince Vladimir on partially constructed submarine and working meeting which this very day has spent on Sevmashe the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, have caused set of contradictory comments. Oils to fire has added vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin who has declared in Severodvinsk that in August will gather the big session of Security council where efficiency Russian oboronno - an industrial complex " will be estimated;. According to Rogozin, the head of the state has given the direct commission to prepare such Security Council.

From this that the president has sounded on an open part of meeting, in the presence of the press, is wide rastirazhirovany bright figures: till 2020 it is planned to enter 51 fighting surface ship into fleet structure, 8 strategic underwater rocket carriers and 16 multi-purpose submarines. And all it, except for two French Mistrals it is planned to construct on domestic shipyards. The astronomical sum is allocated for these purposes - 4,44 trillion roubles, almost a quarter (23,4 percent) from all volume of a government program of arms.

Speaking about serial building of the ships of new generation, Vladimir Putin has co-ordinated it to modernisation of ship-building and other defensive enterprises - otherwise they cannot realise the state arms programme in full, or will not give us necessary quality . To provide here necessary balance of interests, the president has suggested to correct, at necessity, current federal target programs of development OPK and the civil sea technics.

by Advancing rates at other equal possibilities should be spent scientifically - research and it is skilled - design works for the purpose of creation of complexes and systems of arms for the ships of following generations which will be created after 2016 - 2020. For all it, president Putin, " has confirmed; money at us is, they are allocated in the budget, but they should be spent with mind . And, at least, not to suppose warps and a disproportion in that, as to expenses on creation, routine maintenance (operation) and planned repairs of difficult combat material and arms.

In an ideal all life cycle of the ship or the submarine - from the outline drawing before final works on recycling should be planned and be financially provided. But it in the theory. And a situation as it looks in practice, the head of the state has publicly bared on an example of the most numerous class of the nuclear-powered submarines named multi-purpose . According to Putin, a considerable quantity of multi-purpose nuclear submarines now is inadmissible are maintained with restrictions or in general is deduced in a reserve. Thus any has not passed planned factory repairs .

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To the multi-purpose the Guards nuclear-powered submarine " concerns also; the Cheetah - last from accepted in structure of the Russian Navy. Two its seniors of a colleague - the Leopard and the Wolf constructed on Sevmashe in the beginning 90 - h under the project 971 the Pike - Petersburg Sea bureau of mechanical engineering Malachite only recently (and the first among similar) are transferred on Severodvinsk the Asterisk for repair and modernisation. As assure at factory, modernisation will be scale, to the new project 971. Even ship heart - nuclear power installation - will undergo to cardinal changes .

Till this year about destiny of a nuclear-powered submarine of this project both high offices and naval staffs infinite discussions were conducted: what to do - to repair and return in a system the ships which have lost battle readiness, or new to put? The head ship of this series (and all in Russia/ their USSR it is floated fifteen), carrying recently the name Ak - the Leopard it is cut on to the Asterisk in 2010, at all without having passed average repair...

President Putin at meeting in Severodvinsk has resolutely demanded, that the Minister of Defence, the Navy of Russia and Incorporated ship-building corporation have developed the co-ordinated and distinct program of repair of such submarines. Also have reported, that will be made for the decision of this question in the near future .

Concerning strategic submarines position another, but at all less difficult. On Northern fleet the situation in the beginning of summer was such: six rocket carriers appeared under repair and on tests, and only three - in fighting structure. Not to be unfounded, we will list them by name. To the middle of July were in water area Sevmasha and Asterisks also consisted in operative submission of command of Belomorsky sea base: a heavy nuclear underwater rocket cruiser of strategic appointment Dmitry Donsky . Two rocket carriers of the fourth generation Yury Dolgoruky and Alexander Nevsky the still not transferred Navies. And also fairly served three the strategist (the project 667 BDRM): - Verhoture Novomoskovsk and recently come for repair and restoration of technical readiness after a fire in settlement Rosljakovo dock Ekaterinburg . At a mooring Asterisks the diesel submarine " accustoms after repair; Kaluga (a similar submarine of Naval Forces of India Sindurakshak in calculation we do not take).

In the same place, on water area BelVmB, two heavy nuclear underwater cruisers " are moored; Arkhangelsk ” and Severstal ” (analogues Dmitry Donsky ”) . Data on their further destiny are inconsistent. One assure that them have deduced in a sediment after a while to cut on needles. Others still keep hope that the ships - giants can modernise - to reconstruct under any new problems of the Russian Navy...

Six rocket carriers appeared under repair and on tests, and only three - in fighting structure

gathered, these ships personify former and as us assure, the future power of the Russian grouping of strategic nuclear forces of sea basing. If to operate by process of elimination, it is easy to present that in a place of regular basing of submarines of Northern fleet entering into sea grouping SJAS, remains only three units from ruler BDRM are submarines Kareliya ” ” Tula ” and Bryansk ”. And still a question - whether all they can carry out of an active service problem in full.

And long-awaited Borei ” with whimsical the Mace ” still are not transferred fleet. The reception certificate on to Yury Dolgorukomu ” wanted was to sign by Day of the Navy (this date officials of the Minister of Defence of the Navy named), yes at the last minute have changed the mind. The next term - October, 2012. a rocket complex the Mace and its regular carrier an underwater rocket carrier Yury Dolgoruky will be accepted on arms of the Navy of Russia after two test rocket firings which will take place in October ” - informs Interfax - AVN referring to a source in Russian OPK. It is studied if to take on trust these words, possibility zalpovogo start-up Maces with Yury Dolgorukogo and Alexander Nevsky .

Carrying over of test start-up Maces For the autumn, under data from this a source, it is connected with necessity to eliminate the state commission remark on a head rocket carrier Yury Dolgoruky .

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Contracts on emergency repair and restoration of technical readiness of a rocket cruiser Ekaterinburg are not signed yet - in day of exit meeting in Severodvinsk it officially recognised vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin. As he said, procedure of returning of the ship in fighting structure is broken on two phases: fault detection and repair. For the same reason it is necessary to sign not one, and two contracts.

As earlier informed, suffered from a fire Ekaterinburg have accepted on to the Asterisk in the end of June and then, without losing time for preliminary coordination, have started fault detection of knots, mechanisms and ship systems, including the aerial of hydroacoustic station damaged by a fire. From the general condition of the ship and degree of damages to its nasal extremity where aerial GAS is located, depend both time, and repair cost. Billion roubles on restoration of technical readiness and 500 million - on emergency repair of hydroacoustic station that initially was offered by military men, in Incorporated ship-building corporation consider as obviously unprofitable price and insist on its updating towards increase.

As to terms of returning of a nuclear-powered submarine Ekaterinburg ” in fighting structure of Northern fleet, it is defined extremely accurately - June, 2014. And these time frameworks, has assured RG ” the general director Asterisks ” Vladimir Nikitin, will be sustained. For the words here have got used to answer: on the eve of Day of the Navy, as well as promised, sudoremontniki have returned in fighting structure of Northern fleet an underwater cruiser Novomoskovsk ” - the sixth ship in a series of the same rocket carriers which have received on To asterisk ” a rebirth.