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In the Russian Federation there was the most reliable way of registration of electronic documents

Since August, 1st, 2012 the amendment connected with change of an order of the signature of the electronic invoice has taken effect.

Formal possibility to exchange documents in electronic form   under the agreement of parties has been entered still almost 6 years ago. In July, 2010 the law has established possibility to expose the invoice in electronic form which were assured by an ordinary digital signature. But new changes enter instead of an electronic kind an electronic format of an exchange of invoices.

Thus if till now on the document the ordinary digital signature now the legislation demands the strengthened qualified digital signature of the head of the organisation - the tax bearer was used.

According to the company partner the Tax specialist Dmitry Lipatov, today it is the most protected degree of a digital signature in Russia. And the most reliable way of registration of electronic documents.

Hence, the companies - the tax bearers having such virtual the document, receive the maximum guarantee from the risks connected with incorrect registration of invoices. Especially essential part of disputes under the VAT is connected by that frequently the invoice   subscribe   not the director, instead of the established persons.

In case of use of the strengthened digital signature such probability completely is excluded. The innovative tool has already received popularity at the electronic auctions. Especially on state purchases and auctions of the public private companies.

the Expert has reminded that the strengthened qualified digital signature proves to be true the certificate from the accredited certifying centre and in all cases is equated to the paper document with Live the signature.

certificate Manufacturing is made under the statement of its future owner. Thus one copy of the certificate stands out to the owner, the second - remains in the certifying centre. The prices for manufacturing ETSP for commercial the organisations vary from 7000 to 14 000 roubles.

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Only one large trading company in Russia processes in a year of an order of 3 million invoices.