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Ministry of Transport will make weather forecasts for aircraft reliable and inexpensive

Today airlines on the average spend for weather forecasts on 50 million roubles a year. And the same information is paid by three times: at first dispatching services, the airports, then airlines.

Ministry of Transport has suggested to put things in order in this market, after all safety of flights depends on a weather forecast.

the Ministry has developed the project of federal aviation rules Granting of the meteorological information for maintenance of flights of aircrafts Andrey Shnyrev has informed the deputy director of department of a state policy in the field of civil aircraft.

New rules will help airlines to receive more exact weather forecasts and to pay for them less, than now. So, will be less delays of the flights, unforeseen situations in the sky. Can decrease and cost of tickets. Today, Shnyrev has explained, the size of a payment for a weather forecast is not regulated. And those who renders such service, name its price.

Airlines will get access to uniform base of the meteoinformation to make the weather forecasts

Airlines complain not only of a payment order, but also on poor quality of forecasts. Often, for example, visibility for launch is put less, than it is in a reality, Shnyrev speaks. And pilots should detain flights.

Passengers toil at the airport, airlines incur losses and, finally, all it is reflected in the price of tickets, Shnyrev explains. Or other situation. The plane arrives, and there the fog which did not promise, and the liner is compelled to leave for spare airdrome. The weather forecast seriously influences the decision of the commander at the most difficult stage of flight - a landing.

Inexact metoinformatsija lead to aviation incidents, including to accidents.

Differently, in the market of meteoservices for aircraft for a long time it is time to put things in order, experts consider. It now also cannot be estimated, as it opaque that recognised and in Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service.

to name difficult even the number of the organisations which give a weather forecast. Under Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service regulations, in it are engaged more than ten federal state unitary enterprises, but in practice of service of a weather forecast give even limited liability companies, not representatives legislatively to do it.

Foreign airlines, by the way, arriving to Russia, for the forecast of money do not pay, also as well as our carriers abroad. But in the world there is nothing free, and the forecast finances either the state, or this service joins, for example, in aeronavigation gathering.

At us the federal budget pays the most part of expenses for meteoinformation gathering, Shnyrev has noted. And in our legislation payment of granting of the information on weather is thus provided.

In a new wording aviarules conditions for occurrence of the similar foreign market of the organisations which will give the meteoinformation for aircraft are put. While in a technique for the miscalculation of aviaforecasts there were no accurate formulations.

the access order to uniform base of the meteoinformation can become One more innovation. To the state databank, under the offer of Ministry of Transport, access of meteoproviders which will give the information in a kind convenient and accessible to a carrier on identical conditions should be provided. Certainly, they should bear responsibility for its reliability and integrity.

Cost of services will be regulated thus by the market. World experience prompts that it is good practice, and the price of services of such providers quite suits consumers. If they establish a high lath the airline can get itself access to a databank and do aviaforecasts independently.

While in Russia such unimpeded access is not present. By the way, some airlines already create the services which count the forecast to all appearances for flights. Also there are cases when carriers refuse forecasts metoepredprijaty. Thus they do not break any requirements, but the organisation which earn on the forecast, close to carriers access to the world databank. When new rules will come into force, it will be opened.

And under the forecast which is not compensated by the state, Ministry of Transport suggests to include that part in aeronavigation gathering. That will increase their size on 1 - 1,5 percent. Now airlines pay for the forecast much more. Besides, aeronavigation gathering are regulated by the state.

And as the weather forecast for carriers is a state service, it is offered to establish here the fixed rate. The payment form can be different both for a year, and for each departure. The size of this state service will be co-ordinated with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade, Shnyrev has noted.

And Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service should make offers about it. Have already passed meetings of representatives of Ministry of Transport and Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service. Also there is an understanding that the order of payment of the forecast which was generated in 90 - e years of the last century, will be transformed. Money from this state service in the new scheme should go, including on purchase new meteoborudovanija.

the Project of federal aviation rules Granting of the meteorological information for maintenance of flights of aircrafts has already passed discussion in airlines. Also it is directed to Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources.