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The authorities try to take over the control of forest fires in Siberia

Such heat Siberia did not see hundred years, meteorologists ascertain. Some areas of Krasnoyarsk region and the Tomsk region have simply dried up from - for absence of rains, they were not more than two months. For 50 percent of less deposits has dropped out also last winter. Besides the snow cover has descended for 3 weeks before the usual. And now air temperature in Siberia on 5 - 7 degrees above mid-annual indicators.

it is unconditional, natural anomaly became one of the reasons of catastrophic forest fires which blaze in the Tomsk region and Krasnoyarsk region. But, besides, there are also other circumstances. As it became known, the authorities of burning regions since spring have been informed, how the meteorological situation will develop. Despite it, in regions to the last did not enter mode CHS. Now there are victims and victims. The big damage is put ecology, milliard losses were incurred by economy.

the special commission into which heads of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Rosleshoza, Rospotrebnadzora, representatives of other ministries and departments have entered has taken off For Siberia on the instructions of prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in the end of last week. The commission should understand the reasons of a situation and, as far as possible, to rectify situation. And, as inform in forestry department on the Siberian district, for the last days 45 forest fires on the area about 9 thousand hectares are already liquidated. 28 centres of fire on 4 thousand hectares are localised.

In Siberia 124 centres of fire on the area almost 18 thousand hectares

And in the Tomsk region which inhabitants choke with carbonic oxide operate, under the decision of Ministry of Health of Russia the brigade of doctors Federal mediko - biological agency is directed. in areas of strong smoke blanketing physicians should spend podvorovye detours. Volunteers will be connected to this work, including students of medical high schools - Igor Kagramanjan has informed zamglavy a Ministry of Health.

All possible measures for suppression of fires are accepted also by Rosleshoz, have assured in a press - department service. in Krasnoyarsk region 332 parachutists - the commando, in their Tomsk region 313 persons now work. Working conditions of experts are complicated by absence of water. Wood streams and bogs have dried up. Now fires extinguish even by means of an explosive. That is the certain strip of the earth blows up to cut off wood from fire - the head has told a press - services Rosleshoza Vladimir Dmitrys. The situation is complicated by a strong smoke which does not allow helicopters to make the way with the foodstuffs to 38 parachutists - to commandoes. but it does not mean that people are hungry and thrown. With them communication is supported. Among them there are skilled hunters who if necessary can extract livelihood in a taiga - the head lesopozharnogo the centre across Krasnoyarsk region Dmitry Selin has told. If to firemen the helicopter cannot reach, the heavy machinery will prepare. To people projdutcherez a taiga.

As informs Rosleshoz, thanks to work of experts of wood protection and the involved forces in regions, the fire area in Siberia was reduced in 1,3 times. Now 124 centres of fire on the area almost 18 thousand hectares there operate. Besides Krasnoyarsk region and the Tomsk region, Tyva and Yakutia burn. Strong smoke blanketing is fixed and in two big cities and village Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region. An uneasy situation in Nizhnevartovsk and Nefteyugansk. And forecasts of weather forecasters for August yet do not inspire optimism. By the way, strong forest fires now storm both in the USA, and in Europe where too there is an abnormal heat.